Woman goes crazy to honor Nubank after getting card

That Nubank is one of the Brazilians’ favorite digital banks, we all already know. The purple bank won the hearts of all people who have used its services, especially those who had difficulty getting a credit card that offered the possibility of acquiring a decent limit.

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As much as the initial limit is always very small, having a card is also having the chance to increase that credit over time, so this is more than enough for many people.

This caused more and more people to go acquiring the purple one. Over time, fintech’s relationship with its customers only got stronger. In part because of their well done service, but also because of their great customer service.

But what no one expected is that a woman would be so happy with the bank that she would pay him a very significant tribute. The kind that a lot of people don’t even do for a special someone in their lives.

This is the story of Mara Oliveira, a 33-year-old woman who lives in Natal, RN. Her story begins in 2015, when she was without any purchasing power thanks to the debts in her name that ended up piling up.

Because of that, she couldn’t get any credit cards or any other way to pay off her debts. And that’s when she met Nubank. It was the bank that, she was told, seemed most likely to help people in her situation, so there was a chance Mara would get a card.

And said and done: she tried. The purple card has been approved. And even having only a limit of R$ 50, she was happy with her life and used the amount with wisdomalways paying on time.

“A lot of people complain, but you can’t imagine my happiness”, said the woman who was super excited about the limit she had received at first. Mara, of course, did not stop there.

She then began to use the card’s features more and more. She received her salary directly into her digital account, moved money and used all the limit. All of this creates bonds between the bank and the user, which makes it easier to get some special services.

And that’s how after a short time with the card, she got the approval of a personal credit. This credit was contracted so that she could pay the bills she had to be responsible only for the loan.

The idea ended up working. That’s how she ended up with the debts she had and felt that, in fact, she owed a debt of gratitude to Nubank, so it’s almost like the idea of ​​paying a tribute came about.

Mara decided to get a tattoo in honor of the bank, which took everyone by surprise. For her, this decision made complete sense: “I didn’t dream anymore, because I needed money to make it happen and I didn’t have it. Now I have credit and dreams.”

Woman goes crazy to honor Nubank after getting card

So we have a story of a woman who fought for her goals and knew how to use the purple card in her favor. All she needed for that was an opportunity to turn things around.

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