Woman who accuses Monteiro of rape says she was threatened with a gun

In a statement to the police, a woman told the police that Rio councilor Gabriel Monteiro (PL) pulled his gun and pointed it at her head, after the politician showed aggressive behavior during sexual intercourse, in principle consensual, in 2017. The information is from Fantástico, from TV Globo, who obtained her statement from the police.

According to the report, the new victim – whose identity was not revealed – went to the police station and registered a police report at the beginning of the month, after complaints had already been made by other women.

She told the police that she left a nightclub with Monteiro on May 14, 2017. Afterwards, the two got into the car, started kissing and, a few minutes later, the councilor began to demonstrate aggressive behavior.

The victim says that the congressman started slapping his face and punching his ribs during sexual intercourse and that he ignored the request to use a condom. She told police that she asked the politician to stop and that at that moment he took out a gun and pointed it at her head.

The woman claims that, without her consent, Monteiro began filming her during the sexual act and sending it to WhatsApp. The next day, she went to a hospital and was diagnosed with “sexual violence”.

Last week, the Council of Ethics and Parliamentary Decorum of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro approved —by unanimous — the report by councilor Chico Alencar (PSOL) that calls for the impeachment of Gabriel Monteiro, for breach of decorum, as a result of allegations of rape, harassment, persecution of colleagues in the House and other conduct seen as inappropriate for a parliamentarian. (See below)

At least three former advisors to Monteiro reported that the councilor had sex with minors in the presence of his employees and asked the teenagers to show them their breasts. The statements are contained in the report submitted to the Ethics Council and asks for the removal of the councilor’s mandate.

“He spoke directly that he didn’t like people over 18,” said a former adviser to the councilor to the Ethics Committee.

Defense says complaints are not blunt

Sought by the Fantástico report, Monteiro’s defense said that he “respects the decision of the Ethics Council, but has stated since the beginning of the process: that the complaints are not blunt, but the result of a criminal organization that distorts the truth in order to cause irreversible damage to the political life of the councilor.”

To the Ethics Council Monteiro said that he has been “a victim of fake news for months”.

cancellation request

This week, the request for cassation will be taken to the plenary of the Chamber to be voted, where it needs a favorable vote of 2/3 of the parliamentarians to be approved. Monteiro is a candidate for federal deputy. In the opinion of the council, the electoral legislation in force does not prevent him from running for an eventual term in the Chamber of Deputies, if he is impeached, since an eventual decision will be after the approval of the councilor’s candidacy.

The board members are Alexandre Isquierdo (União Brasil), president, Rosa Fernandes (PSC), Luiz Ramos Filho (PMN), Teresa Bergher (Citizenship), Zico (Republicans) and Wellington Dias (PDT), in addition to the rapporteur Chico Alencar.

Gabriel Monteiro’s conduct that violates ethics, according to the rapporteur, are:

  • Filming and video storage in which he has sex with an adolescent;
  • Embarrassing exposure of children through the dissemination of manipulated videos;
  • Embarrassing exposure, abuse and physical violence against homeless people;
  • Moral and sexual harassment against mandate advisors;
  • Persecution of councilors for the purpose of retaliation or personal promotion;
  • Use of servants from your parliamentary office to work in your private company;
  • Strong allegations of rape by four women who report the same modus operandi.

Chico Alencar claims, based on evidence and witnesses, that Monteiro used his mandate to obey his own logic, “depending on the type of exhibitionist and sensationalist action adopted by him”.

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