Youngest daughter says father’s absence was painful

Vannick Belchior’s surname does not hide whose daughter from Ceará: Antônio Carlos Belchior, one of the biggest names in MPB, who died at the age of 70 in 2017. She is the youngest daughter of the artist and spent a short time with her father, only until she was ten years old, when he decided to ditch his possessions and live out of the spotlight in 2008. Neither she nor her siblings and other family members knew of his whereabouts for years.

Today, at the age of 25, she releases her first EP, “From the things I learned on the discs”, in which she re-records six of the singer’s hits, and tells the splash who uses her father’s music as a form of affective reparation, in addition to rescuing his presence, which was taken from her early.

In other words, she re-records Belchior’s songs to get to know him better and “heal pain” that existed during the period when he kept away from the spotlight and family commitments, including child support.

“I went through a very difficult period, as a teenager, when I saw my father in the newspapers, I saw his seclusion and I didn’t know where he was. I don’t hide it from anyone, because this seclusion affected the whole family, my brothers, my aunts and my grandmother. I felt that absence on the surface, in a painful way”, he begins.

I had to go through a lot of maturation and one of the doors that helped me a lot was music. That’s why I explore my father’s work. What was once absence is now presence. What hurt me today makes me happy and generates smiles.
Vannick Belchior

“I never had any kind of revolt against my father because I, with my young age at the time, had no right to want to understand why he was. He knew his whys. This had to be respected and not judged… Being in music now, intrinsically linked to my father’s work, is one of the greatest ways to heal these pains that were once with me”, he adds.

in the chat with splashshe still remembers the period in which she lived with him in childhood, mainly behind the scenes of the shows he did in the Northeast.

“My father never lived in Fortaleza, I am the only daughter from Ceará, but he always came here and we had meetings. I used to go to the shows a lot, I stayed in the dressing room. They were musical and wonderful meetings. I lived exactly what I had to live, witness and feel to follow my path today”, he thinks.

“From the things I learned on records”

Graduated in Law, Vannick took the stage for the first time in 2021 when she went to the show of Tarcísio Sardinha, Belchior’s musical partner who passed away in April this year, and he invited her to sing. It was what she needed to dedicate herself to music and to play in her father’s discography.

“As soon as I started singing, it was a surprise for people to discover that Belchior left a daughter. It’s a surprise to see the similarities. People miss my father a lot because he left without saying goodbye to the audience. He was and still is It’s very sweet. So, it’s very gratifying when people discover me because they transfer that affection and respect to me”, he says.

A year after taking the stage thanks to Sardinha, the EP “Das coisas que learned nos disco” hits the platforms with the re-recordings of “Como our parents”, “Subject of luck”, “Just a Latin American boy”, ” Roosters, nights and backyards”, “Parallels” and “First magnitude”.

“It wasn’t easy to choose the songs because my father has an empire, right? But I chose more classic songs and mixed them with the ones I really identify with… ‘Like our parents’, for me, is the most emblematic. if he had written my story, when I didn’t even exist yet. Even though I’ve done everything I’ve done, I’m still following his path”, he says.

Belchior’s political position

Vannick points out that Belchior’s songs, which were written more than 30 years ago, are still current because they still portray Brazil’s social problems. “He was a visionary and a revolutionary,” he praises.

“Unfortunately, the problems remain the same. My father’s music is completely social music. I am also a very social person. There is no way for us to be citizens without looking at the nuances of our society and our people”, he says.

When reflecting on what his political position would be in 2022, the year of the election, she says that he would not agree with the current government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL), which seeks re-election, but would probably have discreet positions.

“My father was always a very discreet man in his positions. Through his art, he expressed his thoughts in an overwhelming way… I don’t know if he would shout ‘Fora Bolsonaro’, although it is very evident that he would not agree with any of them. kind of dictatorial government or that threatened our hard-earned democracy”, he thinks.

“He would have this position, but without such violence. With violence in the position, we sometimes magnify and strengthen the violence on the other side that we do not support”, he concludes.

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