4 Gmail Extensions You Should Take Advantage Of

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Gmail is one of Google’s most used services and is gradually becoming the main email address for most users. Because of this, it undergoes constant updates, always with the aim of bringing more practicality to Internet users. It even has some more advanced tools, such as the possibility of scheduling shipments or even cleaning up the inbox.

With that in mind, we have prepared a list of the best gmail extensions that are worth knowing. Meet them now!

One of the best extensions is Gmail Reverse Conversation

Something curious about Gmail is that when you reply to some emails, the messages end up being sent to the end of the conversation. Unfortunately, this can end up making longer experiences not so easy. Because of this, Gmail Reverse Conversation was created, an extension capable of inverting the order in which messages appear on your screen.

In its free version, it can automatically play some audio pop-ups. Because of this, users opt for the paid version that costs about R$25 per month.

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Todoist for Gmail

Todoist is an essential app when it comes to organizing tasks. Through it, users can create to-do lists and integrate them with their schedules. Furthermore, it can be easily integrated with Gmail, and use reminders to keep track of your tasks.

Inbox When Ready for Gmail

If you are one of those people who has a habit of checking your email several times a day, getting easily distracted, you will like this tip. Inbox When Ready for Gmail is an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers that changes your Gmail interface to make it less distracting.

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With it you can, for example, hide emails from the Inbox by default, so that they only appear when you request them. In addition, the extension allows you to set a daily limit of times or time to check your emails.

DocuSign is also one of the extensions for Gmail

DocuSign is an excellent extension for those who sign a lot of documents electronically. It allows you to send signed documents directly from your inbox, without having to print, sign and scan them.

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