Are you MEI and need to borrow money? See how to APPLY for credit with very low interest rates

Pronampe (National Support Program for Micro and Small Businesses) was created during the Covid-19 pandemic. Its initial objective was to help small businesses stay in the period of social isolation. However, in June 2022, the government enacted a law that makes the program permanent. That is, small business owners can count on credit to carry out their activities, even after the pandemic.

In July of this year there was a change in the rules and now those who fit into the MEI (Individual Micro Entrepreneur) category can join the program and apply for a loan. Check all the rules and conditions by reading this article.

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Pronampe grants more than BRL 50 billion in credits to MEI

Given this, this year’s Pronampe began on July 25th. But, financial institutions that intend to join the program can release credit to companies until December 31, 2024. According to government technicians, it is estimated an injection of more than R$ 50 billion in the Brazilian economy.

Thus, those who joined the MEI and need money to buy equipment, pay employees, cover expenses, buy inputs or even invest in their own business, can apply for low-interest loans.

It is estimated that the program will benefit several categories of MEIs. such as manicurists, barbers, bakers, confectioners and artisans. According to data from the Ministry of Economy, there are 13 million MEIs in Brazil. In addition, there are 5.5 million small and micro companies. This corresponds to 98% of all companies in the country. Therefore, a program that injects money into the sector is necessary to turn the economy around.

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Check the conditions of granting credit

First, in order to participate, the company must fit into the MEI category, micro or small.

In addition, the company must have been created for more than a year, with its earnings registered with the IRS.

According to the Pronampe rule, the company that wants to apply for credit must authorize the bank to check the billing access the Federal Revenue website –

Through the website, the MEI will be able to select which banks it wants to borrow from. Finally, just authorize data sharing with the selected banks and search for them.

The interest conditions are 6% per year plus the Selic rate, which is 13.25%.

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