Couple who dated in their teens meet again and get married 40 years later: ‘Love has stood the test of time’ | Ceará

Retirees Laércio Alves de Souza and Sônia Maria Félix da Silva met again after 40 years and got married in Jardim, in the interior of Ceará. The beginning of this story happened in the 1970s, when the two were just 15 years old. He lived in São José do Belmonte, in Pernambuco, and she in Jati, a neighboring city, but already in Ceará. The two first met at a party and began a relationship that lasted three years.

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The relationship ended when the two were 18 years old. They decided to go their separate ways. Laércio went to São Paulo, where he pursued a career as a truck driver, married and divorced twice. Sônia went to Fortaleza, where she got married and built a solid life with her husband, who died at the age of 90.

The couple dated in their youth, at the age of 15, a relationship that lasted until the age of 18. — Photo: Personal archive

After becoming a widow, Sônia decided to return to Jati, where she had a residence. And she did a whole investigation to find out where her first love was. She found Láercio’s parents’ house in Jardim and discovered that he lived alone in a house in the countryside of the city. He had returned from São Paulo after having an accident and no longer being able to work. The pensioner went there to declare her love.

Couple meets after 40 years and relives love story

Couple meets after 40 years and relives love story

“I was very in love with him. All the while I thought: one day I will meet him. As soon as I became a widow, I thought, I’m going to look for my past that I didn’t live”, says the pensioner.

After 40 years, the two were reunited and never parted.

“It was a fulfillment of a word from God that said I was still going to get married. I had several diseases, I asked for death, but I went to church and God told me that I was still going to live a long time and that I was going to get married. When she arrived making the proposal to me, that word was confirmed. Thank God I found happiness and the love of my life. Today I am happy, I love and I am loved. What God promises, he fulfills!”, says Laércio

Laércio and Sonia got married a year after they met again. — Photo: Personal archive

On May 6th of this year they got married after a year of relationship. Today, they say they are very happy, sharing their lives in Jati.

“Love has stood the test of time. I wanted to be happy with my first love and now I am. This is true love! Now we are happy. Till death do us part!”

After living in other cities, the couple met again in Jati, Ceará, where they lived their romance in their youth. — Photo: Reproduction / TV Verdes Mares

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