Elections: see who are the candidates for the governments of the 26 states and the DF | Elections 2022

Brazil has more than 210 candidates for the governments of the 26 states and the Federal District for the October election. This Monday (15), the Superior Electoral Court closed the deadline for official registration of candidacies.

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On October 2nd, the 1st round of the dispute will be held, with the possibility of a 2nd round on the 30th of the same month for the positions of governors and president of the Republic – if the most voted do not exceed 50% of valid votes.

See on the map who are the pre-candidates in the states:

The states with the most dispute are Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Sul, in addition to the Federal District, with 11 politicians among the candidates. Then appear Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina and São Paulo with ten postulants each.

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There are nationally known politicians who claim command of the state Executive power: former president Fernando Collor will run in Alagoas, while former ministers of the Bolsonaro government Tarcísio de Freitas and João Roma are running in São Paulo and Bahia, respectively.

There are still former governors who seek in this election to retake the post they already held in the past.

Check the list below for the names of all pre-candidates for state governments:

In 2018, the election to state governments had 196 candidates officially registered. Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo topped the list, with 12 names each.

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In addition to governors, the 2022 election will define the next state deputies, federal deputies, senators (one per state) and the president of the Republic.

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