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Cruzeiro sees growing, with each round, the chances of access to the elite of the Brazilian and also of being champion of the Series B. And Ronaldo, manager of Cruzeiro football, says that there is a discussion so that the champion of the second national division has more benefits , including a financial return.

At this moment, the champion of Série B only guarantees presence in the third phase of the Copa do Brasil of the following year, entering together with the teams that dispute the Libertadores and with the champions of the Copa Verde and the Copa do Nordeste.

Ronaldo considers that this situation is unfair, since these clubs are not entitled to awards for the two previous stages of the Copa do Brasil. Cruzeiro, this year, competed in the competition from the beginning, coming out in the round of 16 with R$ 7.67 million. Rival Atlético-MG, which entered the third phase and was also eliminated in the round of 16, left the tournament with R$ 4.9 million.

Ronaldo, manager of Cruzeiro, and Ednaldo Rodrigues, president of CBF, exchange shirts at the entity’s headquarters — Photo: Thais Magalhães/CBF

“Let’s go Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

– We are discussing with the CBF that the champion of Série B has no other benefit, besides access. There is no financial reward. Advance two stages in the Copa do Brasil, but do not earn the money from these stages.

“There is a discussion with the CBF, regardless of who will win, because the champion has to have financial and sporting benefits. It’s fair. We’ll see.”

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Ronaldo is optimistic about an agreement with the CBF so that the champion is paid.

– We are discussing, I think we will reach a solution for everyone. The champion of Série B has to have a benefit, not what the champion of Série A has, but I think having one would be fair.

It is worth remembering that the CBF does not disclose in advance the awards for Series A and B of the Brazilian Championship, so there is a discussion to have this award still in 2022. In the elite, awards are distributed between 1st and 16th placed .

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Regarding Cruzeiro’s campaign, which opened 19 points for fifth-placed Londrina and is 10 ahead of Bahia, vice-leader of Serie B, Ronaldo adopts caution and asks for feet on the ground. The manager still makes a point of remembering that the club continues to have financial difficulties.

– We are on the right way. Nothing to celebrate yet, a lot to do, creditors calling. Nothing to celebrate, for now.

“The message I pass on is this: continue on this path. If we can be champions, we want to. (…) There’s nothing to be gained. , with humility, to achieve our goals.”

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5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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