OnlyFans star arrested over boyfriend’s death was recorded assaulting victim in elevator; watch video

Security camera footage shows the influencer Courtney Cleeney26 years old, assaulting her boyfriend Christian “Toby” Obumseli, 27, in the elevator of a building in Miami, in the United States. Known to the public thanks to her profiles on Instagram, where she has 2 million followers, and on the adult content platform OnlyFans, she was arrested this Wednesday as a suspect in the death of her partner, on April 3 this year.

The video was released on Thursday. The record shows Courtney and Obumseli in the elevator of the building where they lived, just over a month before their death. In the recording, the influencer is seen assaulting the man with slaps and punches. He tries to defend himself and, in some moments, retaliates the attacks. The video is less than a minute long and ends when the couple descends from the elevator.

The images were released by prosecutor Katherine Fernandez Rundle of the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office.

The crime

Ombuseli was 27 years old when he was stabbed by Courtney in a luxury condominium in Miami, Florida (USA), on April 3 this year. The influencer called the emergency number of the police and, when they arrived, the agents still rescued the victim to a nearby hospital, but the man did not resist.

At the time, police said that before the crime there had been a fight in the apartment. Witnesses reported that intense fights were common in Courtney and Ombuseli’s two-year relationship. Neighbors said the couple had a long history of domestic disagreements and that the police were often called.

Courtney claimed she had stabbed Ombuseli in self-defense after spending several weeks under attack. Before hurting her boyfriend, she would have been suffocated by him.

Influencer Courtney Cleeney after being arrested and in a photo posted on social media — Photo: Hawaii Police Department / Instagram

OnlyFans Star

Courtney used her social media to share sensual and travel photos, such as the ones she took for Tulum, Mexico, in March this year, and for the Maldives, in May of last year.

She had moved to Miami in January, which she wrote was one of her favorite cities. “Surprise, I moved! I took a little time to adapt to the new year here but I’m ready to enjoy 2022 in one of my favorite cities”, said Courtney, who uses the last name Tailor in her networks.

Courtney and Ombuseli were in a relationship for two years – Photo: Instagram / Playback
Courtney and Ombuseli were in a relationship for two years – Photo: Instagram / Playback

The influencer was arrested this Wednesday at a rehabilitation clinic in which she was hospitalized to treat her drug addiction and post-traumatic stress, according to the American press. She is in a detention center and is expected to be taken to Florida in the next few days.

Courtney’s lawyer, Frank Prieto, told the international press that he is shocked by the arrest, as they are cooperating with the investigation, and regretted that the influencer has been withdrawn from the clinic: “We had already informed that she would turn herself in if she was indicted. We hope to exonerate her.”

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