Passenger breaks airplane seats on a flight between São Paulo and Recife and needs to be contained by crew and the Federal Police; watch video | Pernambuco

A passenger broke the plane’s seats on a flight that left São Paulo and landed in Recife, on Sunday (14), and had to be restrained by the aircraft’s crew and the Federal Police (PF). Images posted on social media show the man violently kicking chairs (see video above).

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In the video, a crewman appears removing the broken material from close to him so that no one gets hurt.

The other passengers followed everything and were scared. Some of them filmed what was happening.

Flight 1556 CGH – REC, which left Congonhas, in São Paulo, was operated by Gol Linhas Aéreas.

People on the plane said the man was unconscious and the crew suspected he was passed out.

So, with the help of a doctor, glucose was injected into the passenger’s vein, who woke up agitated and began to break the plane’s seats.

Man breaks plane seat on flight to Recife — Photo: Reproduction/WhatsApp

In a note, Gol reported that the flight took place on Sunday night and that the customer was restrained by the crew and the PF, who were called to accompany the landing through the back door.

“All actions and procedures adopted by the company were taken with a focus on the safety of commissioners and customers,” he said in the statement.

The g1 asked if it was true that the passenger was unconscious and glucose was applied to him, but he did not get an answer until the last update of this report.

“They stuck the needle in me without my knowing it,” says the man, in another video shared on social media.

The passenger’s name was not released. Gol also did not say what damage it caused and whether a complaint would be filed or any legal action taken.

The report also sought out the Federal Police to find out what measures were taken after the passenger was removed from the aircraft and if he will answer for any crime, but also did not receive a response until the last update.

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