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There is a meeting point between the questions of journalists Fred Caldeira and João Castelo Branco, Brazilian correspondents in England, and the answers of Pep Guardiola and Gabriel Jesus. The 25-year-old – this 2016 Olympic champion, protagonist of the first part of the Tite era in the 2018 Qualifiers is still only 25 years old – left in the air that along with the lack of goals in a very recent phase of his career, confidence and an early existential crisis as a striker went away..

Not long ago, he said loud and clear that he felt more comfortable as a winger – and that’s how it went very well with Tite in the 2019 Copa America and at the beginning of the 2022 Qualifiers – and he even seemed to run away from the chances of goal. If he entered the area it was to look for someone better placed.

Gabriel Jesus has great importance in the Arsenal squad, despite his short time at home — Photo: Getty Images

But Jesus scored two more goals and provided two more assists off this beautiful start – and it’s still just the beginningwhich means he needs to consolidate it – with Arsenal de Arteta and Brazilian football director Edu Gaspar. In the same match, Gabriel Martinelli also scored, in one of them in a Jesus ball, which would fatally make his third. The duo arrives sharp for the final stretch of the Cup, but today it is more feasible to see only Jesus practically guaranteed on Tite’s list.

– Obviously, due to the circumstances that happened after the Cup, I ended up playing more at the wing in the Seleção and at City as well – Gabriel told ESPN after the 4-2 over Leicester.

It’s been more than four years since Gabriel left the Cup without scoring and was charged for that and also because he “only scored from the side”. It seems like a long time, but it’s been eight years since Fred was called a cone and, today, the retired tricolor scorer, told of the pain of that period of excessive collection and, why not?, stupid. The marks are still alive with Jesus as well. When he leaves City, he finds a new environment, a new club and an old passion: goal.

– It’s normal to pick up and think that you can’t play with 9, that I’m a winger. I had this in my head for a long time. Now I have a different mind and I believe in myself much more. I went back to being the usual Gabriel, thinking that I’m 9, that I’m there to finish, to help, of course not just to score goals. I went back to being what I was before, a little similar to being the lowland player. It’s not that robot that used to be there anymore – Jesus added to journalist João Castelo Branco.

Gabriel Jesus went 19 matches without scoring with the Brazilian team – Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Despite talking about being the boy from the floodplain again, not wanting to be the “Gabriel robot” anymore, the Brazilian player can’t even for a second forget the teachings that Pep Guardiola gave him. It took five years of learning. But in the end, at least for the player, confusion seemed to be established between the tactical player – the one Guardiola said he became a coach to meet someone like that – and the creative. That confident.

– Tactics are there just to help the player express their talent more often. I use tactics to create patterns that make everyone more comfortable and with more time for the greatest expression of talent possible – Guardiola told Fred Caldeira.

But could too much information and tactics have killed Gabriel’s best? impossible to know. Nor does he have that answer. But it’s a promising final stretch. And that drives away the doubts that seemed pertinent about his second World Cup.

The recovery of Gabriel Jesus is accompanied at a high level by Neymar, also close to his best days in Europe in a French championship that still does not test him in the way the great stars like to be challenged. But why not make the most of a luxury pre-season?

Neymar celebrates another great performance for PSG – Photo: REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

In Spain, the news of Matheus Cunha’s possible departure from Atlético de Madrid to Fred and Cristiano Ronaldo’s staggering Manchester United – defeated 4-0 to Brentford – brings with it the natural concern that the striker needs more minutes this season – he remains in the reserve at the beginning of the season and the Brazilian competition increases with Pedro’s great phase.

In Italy, the sides Danilo and Alex Sandro played correctly in the opening of the Italian championship. It was from the left-back the cross for Dí Maria’s first goal back in Italy. The two will be closely watched by the coaching staff of the Brazilian team next week.. As well as Cunha, Felipe and Renan Lodi, from the Madrid team.

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