Smallpox of the monkeys: Moraes gives five days for the Union and states to detail the fight against the disease | Policy

The Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes opened a period of five days this Monday (15th) for the Union and state governments to inform the strategies adopted so far to tackle monkeypox.

The determination was made from a PSB action presented last week. The minister also established that the Attorney General’s Office and the Federal Attorney General’s Office must also manifest themselves within five days.

The PSB asks in the action that the Court oblige the federal government and the states to edit a plan to face the disease, in addition to a national vaccination schedule for risk groups and for the population in general.

The action, articulated by federal deputy professor Israel Batista (PSB-DF), claims that the federal government has not yet developed an effective and operational national policy to combat smallpox.

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Monkeypox: Know what the first symptoms are and how to prevent the disease

Monkeypox: Know what the first symptoms are and how to prevent the disease

The party further requested:

  • that the government adopt measures to ensure that Brazil becomes self-sufficient in relation to the vaccine;
  • that the federal government be prohibited from promoting, disclosing or determining treatment with prophylaxis not authorized by the scientific community;
  • that states can impose compulsory vaccination on risk groups, as well as require vaccination passports for those regularly vaccinated;
  • that the federal government has to pay for the purchase of scientifically recognized vaccines for vaccination.

To the STF, the PSB states that “there is a repetition of errors on the part of the government, in the same way as it did with the Covid-19 Pandemic. The federal government took a long time to take a national disease control initiative and discouraged the use of the vaccine”.

In the action, the caption declares that “what is seen is a reissued attempt to expose the civilian population to setbacks in terms of public health protection”.

Saúde em Dia: Infectologist answers questions about monkeypox

Saúde em Dia: Infectologist answers questions about monkeypox

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