Sormani condemns Abel’s attitude in Palmeiras game

Abel Ferreira Cuca

Credit: Disclosure / ESPN

Commentator Fábio Sormani, from ESPN channels, disapproved of Abel Ferreira’s conduct in the game between Palmeiras and Atlético-MG, for the quarterfinals of Libertadores. After the 0-0 tie in normal time, the spot was defined by penalty kicks.

At the moment of the strikes, the technician alviverde left the field and went to the locker room, where he listened to music while the penalties were taken.

“I went downstairs, listened to my music and said, whatever the outcome I will thank you and be on my way,” revealed Abel.

In the ESPN F90 edition, the topic came up again after Cuca’s interview, who vented while responding to Abel’s statements and criticism of the press’ behavior. Sormani gave the Galo coach right and criticized Abel’s decision on penalties.

“I think it was a big mistake for Abel to do what he did. The player needs to be there and see their commander at the edge of the field. ‘I’m with you, if you lose, it’s okay. I am with you always.’ The fact that Abel went to the locker room at penalty kicks. He showed a lack of commitment to the group. I thought it was very bad, you don’t abandon the group. He abandoned the team there, he doesn’t abandon himself in such a complicated moment”, says Sormani.

“So, as I criticized Cuca at that time who was on his back, looking back at the time of penalties, I condemn Abel’s attitude too. The commander needs to be with you, on your side, he is the most mature guy, who has been through everything in football. Wow, you’re going to take a penalty, look at the bench and where’s the coach? Left? abandoned us? So, Cuca, my criticism is made and on this point you are right”.

Cuca hit Abel

After the game with Coritiba, Cuca gave a strong response when talking about the interview with Abel Ferreira, who said what it took for Atlético to beat Palmeiras’ defensive system.

“When you’re winning, everything you do is perfect, it’s beautiful, it’s wonderful. You go out to the locker room to listen to music, when penalty kicks win, it becomes fashionable. What if you lost? When you land six times in the same corner and win it’s cool. Do you remember the Wall, fell six times and lost? When you have two players sent off, nothing happens, because the head is cold. But they weren’t cool-headed, they could have broken the player. If the defeat comes for them, you would be demanding the expulsions, the six takedowns of the goalkeeper in the same corner, the coach who didn’t stay for penalties, but when you win everything is perfect. Congratulations to Abel, to Palmeiras,” he said.

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