Truck drivers can now self-declare to receive benefit

Today (15) the deadline for autonomous cargo carriers (TAC) to make the Self-Declaration of the Registration Term to receive the Truck Driver-TAC benefit. Anyone who makes the self-declaration by August 29th will receive the first two installments on September 6th.

After this period, truck drivers will only be entitled to receive the benefit from the month in which the self-declaration is made, provided that the other legal requirements are met. In this case, no retroactive payment will be made.

Professionals with an “active” status in the National Registry of Road Cargo Transporters (RNTR-C), of the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT), but who did not have a record of road freight transport operation in this year.

The first installments of the Truck Driver-TAC Benefit were paid to autonomous cargo carriers who had the RNTR-C in force on May 31, 2022 and in an “active” status on July 27, 2022. In addition, the carrier was registered with the ANTT of road cargo transport operation carried out from January 1, 2022 to July 27, 2022.

All professionals who did not fit into this situation have a notification in the systems of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare and will be able to use the channels of the folder to make the self-declaration. Access can be made through the Emprega Brasil Portal or through the Digital Work Card application.

In the self-declaration, the self-employed truck driver must state that he meets the legal requirements required to receive the benefit and that he is able to carry out, on a regular basis, road freight transport. It will also be necessary to inform the National Registry of Motor Vehicles (Renavam) of the vehicles registered with the ANTT.

In the first batch, on August 9, more than 190,000 truck drivers were entitled to receive the first two payment installments, referring to the months of July and August.


The Social Security Technology and Information Company (Dataprev) was responsible for analyzing and processing the data of professionals covered from the base provided by ANTT with information available in federal databases indicated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the benefit managing body.

Of the total number of registrations made available by ANTT, 848,333 carriers had the RNTR-C in force on May 31, 2022 – one of the main requirements to receive the benefit. Of these, a group of 592,829 professionals became eligible and another 255,504 were considered ineligible for not meeting legal requirements such as being in an “active” situation with ANTT on July 27, 2022 or with CPF regularized at the Federal Revenue, among other criteria. .

Another step in the analysis process considered criteria such as the registration with the ANTT of a road freight transport operation carried out between January 1st and July 27th, 2022, and the fact of not receiving disability benefits or social support for the person with disability. disability, for example, among other requirements. Thus, of the amount of 592,829 eligible, 401,968 were disqualified due to some of these rules, resulting in a total of 190,861 qualified and able to receive the benefit.

According to the ministry, the vast majority of those disabled (399,664) did not have a record of road freight transport operation in the established period.

The folder alerts professionals about the reason for denial of their benefit. “In some cases, even those in an active situation and with all registrations up to date with the ANTT, may not be eligible for the benefit if they are receiving assistance benefit (such as BPC, for the disabled person), disability benefit, disability benefit, assistance -seclusion or if they are eligible for the taxi driver benefit”, he explained, in a note.

Information on the truck driver’s eligibility or pending issues and notifications to be entitled to the benefit are available on the Emprega Brasil Portal and on the Digital Work Card application.

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