12 tricks to lose weight by eating well

lose weight eating well

lose weight eating well

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Have one tasty diet, which encourages weight loss – contrary to what many people may think – is not an impossible dream. Therefore, being able to lose weight by eating well, without going hungry and wanting, is also.

However, eating improperly can often be linked to the false idea that in order to have balanced nutrition, you have to give up taste. Even, some people who want to change their eating habits end up running into the lack of pleasure in carrying out a weight loss diet. They cut fatty foods, reduce carbohydrates, but end up not sustaining the new menu for a long time.

But to lose weight eating well, dedication is necessary. “The key to overcoming food boredom is to prepare tasty, healthy meals and vary the food and the way it is prepared”, indicates Adriana Stavro – Master Nutritionist at Centro Universitário São Camilo.

According to the expert, varying the way you prepare food is essential for weight loss. “To support weight loss, adequate amounts of nutrient-dense, low-calorie foods are needed. Eating the same things every day can become indigestible,” she says.

Adriana listed some tips to have a tasty and healthy diet at the same time. Check out:

How to lose weight eating well

  1. To grill It is a very popular cooking method. It provides robust flavor to meats, vegetables and even some fruits.
  2. To bake It’s another great way to enhance the flavor of food.
  3. saute lean meats and healthy carbohydrates can simply change the food program and make the diet tasty.
  4. Prepare meats, vegetables and grains with herbs and spices create amazing meals that taste fabulous.
  5. use marinades based on vinegar and olive oil to enhance the flavor of lean meats, fish and vegetables.
  6. Enjoy a variety of vinegars including balsamic, apple, rice to enhance the flavor of meats, fish, vegetables and salads
  7. the red sauces are a great way to bring out the flavor of meats, grains and vegetables. Add tomato sauce to quinoa as an excellent pasta alternative.
  8. spices may include black pepper, sea salt, cumin and turmeric. They help flavor lean meats, eggs and vegetables, making the diet tasty.
  9. sweet spices include cinnamon, oregano and nutmeg. When added to oatmeal, Greek yogurt, sprinkled on fresh fruit and used in healthy baking dishes.
  10. the herbs Fresh are another great way to enhance the flavor of meats, grains, vegetables and fruits. Popular ones include basil, coriander, rosemary, thyme and mint.
  11. Olive oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil is heart-healthy and tastes amazing in vegetables, salads and fish. To make the diet tasty, it can be used as a base for most meat marinades. It can also be purchased infused with herbs, further enhancing the flavor of food.
  12. Vanilla, almond and lemon are among the most popular extracts. Boost the flavor of oatmeal, cottage cheese, or protein shakes with a few concentrated drops.

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