5 Terrible Professions That Went into the History Books – Thankfully

In recent years, thanks to technological advancements, it is common to find job openings in the internet, data protection, programming and so on. This shows us that the professional opportunities are always changing and following these evolutions of science.

In the past, some professions were necessary and, precisely for this reason, considered common. Now, we can celebrate the fact that they no longer exist, as they put the physical integrity and people’s psychological at risk.

Here are some features you’d hate to add to your portfolio:

leech collector

Formerly, the leeches were commonly used by physicians who perform bleeds in your patients. The animals were collected mainly by peasant women, who went into swamps so that leeches would stick to their legs. Have you ever thought what a bizarre job?

Violin string manufacturer

There was a time, before the 17th centuryin which the strings of some instruments, such as the violin, were made with the sheep offal. The breeders needed to slaughter the sheep and clean everything with the utmost care, so that the animal guts could be turned into ropes.

plague carriers

In 1665the government of London hired professionals to put an end to the thousands of bodies of people who died due to Prague. These employees, in addition to putting themselves at risk of contamination, had the task of put an end to the corpses that were not buried in time.

sin eaters

The profession was common in Wales. Basically, the sin-eater was an employee hired to eat a piece of bread that had been left on a person’s chest newly dead. So he would accept to stay with the sins of the deceasedwho could reach Paradise without owing anything.

rat hunters

THE Industrial Revolution ended up contributing to the proliferation of rats in several European cities. To help resolve the issue, the rat hunters they were often hired and, to attract the animals, they applied oils with the essence of thyme and anise on their clothes and bodies.

Detail: the hunters tried to catch the animals with their own hands same. Very hygienic.

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