after a mystery about an accident, Clarice is alive, she faked her own death and went wrong in the


Authors of the novel reveal that the businesswoman will wake up and live a love triangle

Photos: Reproduction / Rede Globo
Photos: Reproduction / Rede Globo

A mystery will begin to be clarified in “Face and Courage”. In scenes scheduled to air from next Monday (22), the public will discover one of the biggest secrets of Claudia Souto’s plot: Clarice Gusmão (Taís Araújo) was not murdered and is very much alive.

To protect himself from the threats he was suffering, Clarice simulated his own death on the night of his disappearance, in Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. However, the plan ended up not going as the businesswoman expected and she has been in a coma ever since. Tais Araujo’s character had (and still has) an important accomplice throughout the period: Luana (Gabriela Loran), the secretary of SG.

Luana he was the one who received the instructions on how to act if the operation that night didn’t work out. In coma, Clarice is under the care of a trusted doctor, played by actor Romeu Evaristo. “Clarice returns with everything and the public will follow in the footsteps of this return, until she comes out of the coma and wakes up”revealed Natalia Grimbergartistic director of the novel.

And one more shocking news can cheer viewers of “Face and Courage”. After waking up from the coma and surprising everyone with his return, Clarice Gusmão will live a love triangle, with italo (Paulo Lessa) and Anita (Taís Araujo).

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