BOLSONARO promises ‘the cheapest gasoline in the world’ in Brazil

On Monday, the 15th, through his social networks, the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) announced that Brazil will have “one of the cheapest gasoline in the world” very “soon”.

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The representative’s speech follows on from the latest announcement made by Petrobras, which once again reduced the price of gasoline at its refineries.

“Starting tomorrow, 08/16, Petrobras will reduce the average sale price of gasoline to distributors by R$ 0.18, from R$ 3.71 to R$ 3.53 per liter. It is the third reduction announced in recent weeks. Soon we will have one of the cheapest “gasoline” in the world”, declared Bolsonaro in a post on Twitter.

Reducing fuel prices has been one of the president’s bets, who is seeking re-election this year.

cheapest gasoline

Petrobras announced a further reduction in the price of gasoline 18 days after the last drop, when the price of a liter of the product sent to distributors fell by R$0.15.

In this third reduction in less than a month, the liter of the product dropped by R$ 0.18 or 4.85%. The marketing value of the product then goes from R$3.71 to R$3.53.

Petrobras explained the reason for the drop, claiming that it is based on the evolution of reference prices, that is, according to international market quotations.

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