Bolsonaro starts campaign in Juiz de Fora and says Brazil was ‘on the verge of socialism’

President participated in a motorcycle ride in the city of Minas Gerais and addressed supporters and religious leaders

Reproduction / Twitter @FlavioBolsonaroJair Bolsonaro and Michelle
President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) participated in an act in Juiz de Fora alongside first lady Michelle

The president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) started the election campaign with participation in a religious event in the city of Juiz de Fora, in Minas Gerais. In his first speech, the president spoke about topics already known to his supporters and addressed in previous speeches, such as the actions of the federal government during the pandemic, the economic recession and the recent drops in the price of gasoline and diesel, recognizing the difficult fight against the “fuel lobby”. “We are winning and you are seeing the results”, mentioned Bolsonaro, in direct signal to the reduction of R$ 0.18 in the price of gasoline by Petrobras, which took place as of this Tuesday, the 16th. At other times, the president also regretted the deaths by Covid-19, although he reaffirms that he was not wrong in any observation made during the pandemic, he spoke of miracles and said that Brazil was moving towards socialism. “Brazil was on the verge of collapse, with ethical, moral and economic problems, and it was marching, yes, with great strides towards socialism,” said the chief executive.

Liberal Party candidate, Jair Bolsonaro also participated in a motorcycle race in Juiz de Fora. The city chosen to start the campaign period is precisely where, in 2018, he was stabbed by Adélio Bispo, during an electoral event. The episode was remembered by the current president in his speech, now as a candidate for reelection. “You can’t help but get emotional coming back to Juiz de Fora. […] I thank God for my second life and for having the mission of being Chief Executive. It is not easy”, reinforced the president. He cited three miracles that would have happened in his history: the stab, his election to the presidency and the choice of a technical staff for his ministries, “without accepting partisan pressures”. “We made a ministry, the vast majority of good people, some left us over that time, but we gave an answer to the population”, said the president. Officially, according to the electoral calendar, the 2022 election campaign starts this Tuesday, the 16th. According to the latest electoral poll, released this Monday by Ipec, Bolsonaro appears in second place, with 32% of voting intentions.

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