Cátia Fonseca sends a message to Sonia Abrão after the journalist’s removal due to covid-19


Cátia Fonseca sent a loving message to her competitor, Sonia Abrão, who was diagnosed with covid-19

Cátia Fonseca sends improvements to Sonia Abrão, who has covid
© Playback / Band / RedeTVCátia Fonseca sends improvements to Sonia Abrão, who has covid

Cátia Fonseca, from “Best of the Afternoon” (Band) sent a live message to Sonia Abrão, her competitor at RedeTV! who was diagnosed with covid-19 this Tuesday (16). After learning that she has the disease, the journalist had to step away from the command of her program, which was handed over to the journalists who share the bench with her.

In your message, Cátia made a point of emphasizing her wishes for improvement for Sonia: “Let me send a kiss to Sonia Abram, it looks like you have Covid. May you recover. You were fine these days…”, she began, who still joked: “Sonia, may you recover properly. come back!”.

“We know that, thank God, we feel well, but at that time we have to follow the medical recommendation, more than ever. So stay calm, do what you like while you have to stay away for a little while but you’ll be back full as always, okay? Beijinho saw Soninha!”, she concluded.

Parties before the pandemic

Then, Cátia recalled the times when she met Sonia at social events before the pandemic. “You know something I miss about this pandemic? We meet at a birthday party. Felipeh Campos used to party and we all went to parties. Then the pandemic ended, no party”.

The presenter’s bench mate, journalist Vladimir Alves, was responsible for taking over “A Tarde é Sua” and notifying the public about her condition at the beginning of the attraction. “Sonia Abrão tested positive for Covid-19, but calm down. It’s all right, Sonia is asymptomatic, she’s at home, she’s watching us. We’re here in the crowd so that she recovers as soon as possible. home for a few days, Sonia,” he said.

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