CBLOL 2022: INTZ reaches the 4th split without playoffs and starts dismantling | lol

Jockster (right) and micaO playing for INTZ in the 18th round of the 2nd Split of CBLOL 2022 — Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

Biggest champion in the history of LoL in Brazil, with five titles, won in 2015, 2016, 2019 and 2020, INTZ did not pass the qualifying phase of any of the four editions of CBLOL in the franchise era, which began last year.

In the 1st Split of CBLOL 2021, the first of the franchise, INTZ was in 7th place, one position from the top 6 that qualifies for the playoffs, but with three wins less than the 6th place, KaBuM. There were six wins and 12 setbacks.

In the 2nd Split of that season, the Intrepids had a slightly worse performance, with five wins and 13 losses and the 8th place in the table, with only one more triumph than the lantern, FURIA.

In 2022, INTZ performed even worse than those experienced in the franchise’s inaugural season.

In the 1st Split, the team was in the last position, with only three wins in 18 games, accumulating, therefore, 15 defeats.

In this 2nd Split, INTZ got one more victory than in the last edition and only performed better than Rensga, the lantern, who ended the CBLOL with just one victory in 18 matches.

INTZ Campaigns in the CBLOL Franchise Era

1st Split 20217th6V – 12DBoal, Revolta, Envy, micaO, Cabu, Gyeong and Maestro (technician)
2nd Split 20218th5V – 13DHauz, SkB, Sting, Envy, micaO, Taara, Professor, Redeemer and Maestro (technician)
1st Split 202210th3V – 15DTyrin, Yampi, Kick, Muja, micaO, Decoy and Abaxial (technician)
2nd Split 20229th4V – 14DHidan, Yampi, NOsFerus, micaO, Jockster and Abaxial (technician)

With the playoffs still in progress, INTZ has already announced the departures of Abaxial, who was hired for the 2022 season with pomp for having been part of the three-time champion squad known as EXODIA, and Jockster, who was also part of that team, but who repeated the team with the marksman Micael “micaO” without the success of the past.

Just like in previous years, after each failure, INTZ is heading towards a new revamp aimed at the 2023 season.

In addition to the two who have already left, the INTZ of the 2nd Split of CBLOL 2022 has the top Leonardo “Hidan”, young rookie who rose from the academy team; Hunter Yan “Yampi”, who joined the organization in December 2021; midfielder Júlio César “NOsFerus”, hired for the 2nd Split of 2022; and marksman Micael “micaO”, a historical member of INTZ and who participated in the four editions of the CBLOL franchise.

Of the four remaining players in INTZ’s main squad, only Yampi has a contract beyond this season, running until November 2023. The other three have contracts valid until September 2022.

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