Chevrolet Monza 2023 indicates changes from the Onix 2024 in Brazil

While in Brazil the Cruze still survives, it has been a few years since the Chevrolet Monza replaced it. Launched in 2019, the resurrected model is offered in Mexico as Cavalier, but it was never thought of for Brazil. But pay attention to the restyling just presented by Chevrolet, because it will inspire the aesthetic changes that the Onix will have.

For now Chevrolet does not say anything about the restyling of the Onix or units run camouflaged on the street. However, the compact model was launched in China and Brazil in 2019, that is, it has been three years. In general, a car is restyled every three or four years. And as its rivals are moving, especially the Hyundai HB20, the Onix needs to change.

This new style will be clearly inspired by the new Monza 2023, which brings some similar visual elements to the Seeker, showing where Chevrolet’s visual language is going. The images revealed by the Autohome website show a more sophisticated and daring style than before.

Chevrolet Monza 2023 [Autohome]
Chevrolet Monza 2023 [Autohome]

The front of the new Monza received a front grille with the central bar splitting into two parts in the headlights region, just like the Seeker. The finish is in smoked chrome just like the Equinox RS sold in Brazil in the case of the Monza RS. The larger grille gains shape in the bumper and is accompanied by a discreet side air opening.

The headlights are not full-LED, despite having daytime running light with the light diode and projector. Blame the arrow that was kept halogen and taking up more than half of the lower part of the headlights. At the rear, Chevrolet didn’t change the Monza’s headlamps, which look a lot like the Onix Plus sold in Brazil. The bumper is new.

Chevrolet Monza 2023 [Autohome]
Chevrolet Monza 2023 [Autohome]

Onyx steering wheel

What animates is the internal change. Despite having the same steering wheel as the Onix and Tracker, the Monza 2023 shows a clear improvement in finishing – an item criticized in its brothers. There’s a leather stripe on the dashboard and soft-touch materials on the doors and above the air vent strip.

Now fully digital as on the Chinese Tracker and Seeker, the instrument panel is positioned parallel to the multimedia center, but a step forward. Shift knob is new and has a futuristic look, while the air conditioning controls have changed, but remain simple.

Chevrolet Monza 2023 [Autohome]
Chevrolet Monza 2023 [Autohome]

two turbos

There in China, the Chevrolet Monza 2023 will be sold with the same 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo engine as the Onix, but with some changes in power and torque. There are 124 hp and 17.3 kgfm of torque in the Monza against 116 hp and 16.8 kgfm of the Brazilian model. That’s because the Chinese has direct injection, something our 1.0 turbo doesn’t have.

For those who need more power, the new Monza has a 1.3 three-cylinder turbo engine with 163 hp and 23.5 kgfm. It is relatively more powerful than the 1.2 turbo of the Tracker which delivers 133 hp and 21.4 kgfm. In the case of the most powerful engine, the gearbox is a dual clutch with six gears, while the 1.0 has a manual or automatic option, both with six gears.

Chevrolet Monza 2023 [Autohome]
Chevrolet Monza 2023 [Autohome]

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