‘Clear discomfort’. understand the controversy

Playback, Twitter

Playback, Twitter

In charge of the “Encontro” for just over a month, Patrícia Poeta has been accumulating controversies ahead of the morning, previously presented by Fátima Bernardes. The most recent took place this Tuesday (16), during a debate on sexual harassment.

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Patrícia was in the audience and passed the line on to her colleague from “Encontro”, Manoel Soares. As you walk back to the stage, you can see the journalist subtly frown.

Watch the moment:


On social media, the public was divided on the expression made by Patricia. Among many spectators, there was the impression that there is some discomfort between her and Manoel and that the act of frowning would be a way of expressing this displeasure.

Patrícia Poeta’s discomfort with her colleague Manoel Soares is clear. I have for me that she is not very satisfied with the program!“, pointed out a Twitter user. “Then they’ll say that it’s public involvement with Patricia Poeta, but she doesn’t even make a point of disguising that she can’t stand sharing the program with Manoel”, accused another internet user. “The face of this Patrícia Poeta It’s pure disgust”, pointed out a profile. “Really, Patricia’s lack of tact…

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