Close to historic mark, São Paulo fans excite players

A video released by São Paulo shows the backstage of the victory against Red Bull Bragantino by 3 to 0, last Sunday. What draws the most attention is the excitement of the players with the mass presence of the crowd at Morumbi — 31,358 paying. And there are reasons for such excitement. São Paulo should hit a historic mark this year in terms of attendance.

The team’s average attendance in 2022 is 32,247 people per game. In total, in 2022, São Paulo took 942,154 people in 29 matches.

“I want to congratulate the fans, to the coming São Paulo, who fill the stadium every time we play here, in Morumbi. For us, having their support is fundamental. Now, we will need them more than ever, because we have decisive moments for I think the more than 30,000 fans who came here today, on Father’s Day, will go home happy with the work done”, praised Calleri, scorer of the second winning goal last Sunday, in the video released by São Paulo (check from 8 min).

Thus, São Paulo is on its way to breaking its historic attendance record, which today belongs to the 2017 season (33,635,000 per game).

“It’s an extra energy there, everyone cheering, singing and doesn’t let the team turn off. Wow, I think it’s extremely important to have the fan on our side”, said midfielder Rodrigo Nestor (from 6 minutes and 30 seconds).

This year, there were four matches with more than 45,000 people at Morumbi, and another three that exceeded the 50,000 mark, an audience greater than the maximum capacity of the stadiums of the closest rivals, Palmeiras and Corinthians. In the last seven games, the smallest audience was precisely against Bragantino.

The numbers tend to increase because the club still has eight matches to play in the Brasileirão in their domains. Plus the Copa Sudamericana semifinal game against Atlético-GO.

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