consultation of the ANTT registry is authorized

The federal government paid the first installments of the Truck Driver Assistance for about 190 thousand professionals qualified to receive the benefit. One of the requirements is to have active registration with ANTT (National Land Transport Agency) until May 31, 2022.

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The professional must be registered as a TAC (Autonomous Cargo Transport) in the National Registry of Road Cargo Transport (RNTRC) within the stipulated period. In addition, you must have a valid CPF and CNH.

The Ministry of Labor and Welfare estimates that nearly 900,000 truck drivers are eligible to receive the aid. Next, see how to check your ANTT registration.

How to consult the registry?

If the interested party does not remember or just wants to check if they have an active profile on the RNTRC, just access the ANTT portal. Once this is done, the next step is to inform the RNTRC number and CPF, then click on “Consult”.

If you do not know the registration number, consultation is also available by location and by vehicle.

payment schedule

Auxílio Caminhoneiro started on August 9 for professionals who are eligible to receive it. The monthly installments of R$ 1 thousand will be paid on the following dates:

  • 1st installment: August 9;
  • 2nd installment: August 9;
  • 3rd installment: September 24;
  • 4th installment: October 22;
  • 5th installment: November 26;
  • 6th installment: December 17th.

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