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Vladimir Putin opening speech
Army-2022 International Military-Technical Forum and the International Army Games 2022.
Moscow 15 August 2022

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English version – Vladimr Putin Speech at Military-Technical Forum and Army Games 2022

Vladimir Putin spoke at the opening ceremony of the International Military-Technical Forum Army-2022 and the International Army Games 2022. The forum is taking place in the military-patriotic recreation and leisure park of Patriot of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin:

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear foreign guests,

I would like to welcome the opening of the Army-2022 International Technical-Military Forum and the International Army Games.

We are happy to welcome in Russia, in the now traditional location of Patriot Park, the heads and delegations of the defense departments, representatives of the defense industry and military experts from many countries.

In the years of its existence, the forum has convincingly proven its relevance and established itself as one of the largest global exhibitions of military goods.

Our people are proud of their army and navy, the professionalism and courage of their defenders. At all times, they reliably protected the sovereignty and security of our Motherland and brought freedom to other nations.

Today, our warriors are honorably performing their duty together with the Donbass fighters during the special military operation. They are fighting for Russia and for peaceful life in the people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. They are carrying out all the tasks that have been precisely defined, gradually releasing the land of Donbass.

I would certainly like to thank once again the Russian armament manufacturers for equipping our Army and Navy with modern weapons that are now working for our victory and the technological and industrial advancement of our entire country, all of Russia.

In this year’s forum, around 1,500 national defense industry companies will present more than 28,000 modern samples of military and dual-use products. The application and potential of Russian weapons and technology will be demonstrated here, in the Moscow suburbs, at the Kubinka and Alabino facilities, as well as in the proving grounds of all military districts and the Northern Fleet.

I would like to emphasize that Russia represents the broadest and most comprehensive development of military-technical cooperation. This is particularly important today in the context of the emerging multipolar world.

We highly value the existence of many allies, partners and like-minded people on different continents. These are states that do not bow to the so-called hegemonic ones. Your leaders are showing a genuine masculine character and do not bow down. They are choosing a sovereign and independent development path. They want to resolve all global and regional security issues collectively on the basis of international law, mutual responsibility and consideration of each other’s interests, thus contributing to the defense of the multipolar world.

Russia sincerely appreciates historically strong relationshipsfriendly and truly trustworthy with the Latin American, Asian and African states. We are ready to offer our allies and partners cutting-edge weapons – from small arms to armored vehicles and artillery, fighter aviation and drones.

Professionals Military personnel around the world value these weapons for their reliability, quality, and most importantly, their high efficiency.. Virtually all of them have been used in actual combat more than once.

The Forum offers foreign military experts a good opportunity to learn about developments in the Russian defense industry in areas such as the use of artificial intelligence, modern information and radio-electronic technology and the implementation of the latest achievements by our renowned design offices. world and schools.

Advanced, future-oriented models and systems that will shape the “tomorrow” of our Armed Forces are of special interest. We’re talking about high-precision weapons and robotics, combat systems based on new physical principles. Many of them are years, perhaps even decades ahead of their foreign counterparts, and significantly superior in terms of tactical and technical characteristics. Exhibitions at Patriota Park, presentations at military training camps, demonstrations of developments at ERA Technopolis convincingly prove this.

Allow me to add that Russian companies showcase their achievements in innovative civilian products and technologies at special stands that demonstrate the diversification of the defense industry. They also deserve extra attention.

We intend to actively develop cooperative ties to create new models of weapons and equipment and work together on fair and equal terms. Russia has rich experience in successful technology cooperation like this, particularly within the CSTO and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

We see great potential in training foreign military personnel by conducting career development courses for them. Thousands of military professionals around the world are proud that Russian universities and military academies have become their alma mater. We will continue to work actively in this important area.

As before, we invite our allies and partners to participate in joint command and staff and other types of exercises. This training, the development of complex training and combat missions, is important to improve the military skills and the quality of military command and control, as well as for the tactics and cohesion of units and formations.

I believe that by developing extensive military-technical cooperation and pooling our efforts and potential, we will be able to ensure credible security and stability for our countries and the world as a whole.


It is important that each year the Forum’s program becomes richer and more diversified, full of traditional and new and interesting events.

As before, the International Army Games will be an excellent platform to showcase your professional skills. This time, more than 6,000 soldiers and officers from 37 countries around the world will participate.

O International Anti-Fascist Congress (International Anti-Fascist Congress) held as part of the Forum is of great social and political importance. The lessons of the terrible tragedy to which Nazism led humanity in the 20th century must not be forgotten. Our duty to the memory of the millions of victims of the Second World War is to respond severely to any attempt to falsify history, to counter the spread of any form of neo-Nazism, Russophobia and racism.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defense and everyone involved in the preparations for the forum. I believe it will help to further develop military and military-technical cooperation for the prosperity of our countries and nations and promote international security and stability.

I wish you a successful work and hope that all visitors will experience remarkable and unforgettable impressions.

Thank you for your attention.

I declare the 2022 International Military Technical Forum of the Army and the International Army Games open.


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