Don’t do THAT with Food Stamps and avoid getting FIREED

Workers who receive food stamp (VA) or meal vouchers (VR) should pay attention to the new Bill (PL) approved by the National Congress in August. It contains rules that can punish the employee who misrepresents the use of additional benefits.

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Another novelty has to do with the possibility of the benefit being withdrawn in cash, instead of being used exclusively for the purchase of food and meals. Currently, this practice is considered prohibited and can lead to punishment for workers who adhere to it.

Don’t do this to your VA or VR and avoid getting fired

It is common sense among workers who receive food stamps or food stamps that the funds should be used to buy meals, usually lunch, or basic food products in the market.

But there are still people who decide to sell the benefit in exchange for money, which is considered illegal and can lead to severe punishment. Among them the employee to be fired for just cause.

The solution to this impasse, however, may lie in the approval of PLV 21/2022, which authorizes the food stamp withdrawal it’s the food stamp withdrawal cash by workers. In this case, the person will no longer need to resort to the illegal sale of benefits to help supplement income.

In addition, the idea is to extend the deadline for moving the remaining cards to up to 2 months. To be valid, the changes still need presidential sanction, which can veto some of the proposition’s points.


Even though it is a common practice and it helps with the workers’ income, the sale of VA and VR is a crime of embezzlementas it considers that the user has acquired an economic advantage through fraud.

This is because the companies that offer the benefit are part of the Worker’s Food Program, which gives benefits in terms of fees and taxes. With this, the result of the sale of the vouchers can lead to dismissal for just cause.

In this case, this scenario will only be different in case of approval of the project, which provides for ensuring more autonomy for the use of resources by workers.

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