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When you feel very intense pain in your body, one of the first things to do is to take a pain medication, hoping it will take effect as soon as possible. New research shows that body posture while taking the medication may be the solution to dealing with pain more quickly.

Most pill pills don’t start working until the stomach ejects the contents into the intestine, so the closer to the antrum – the last part of the stomach – the pill is, the faster it starts to dissolve.

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The fundamental posture to be able to aim at this part of the body. Several postures were tested by experts and the best posture found was lying on the right side, achieving a dissolution of the drug 2.3 times faster than standing.

However, lying on the left side proved worse. A pill took 10 minutes to digest when ingested when lying on the right side. In the upright posture, the medication digestion took 23 minutes while lying on the left side ensured an ingestion of the medication in more than 100 minutes.

The researchers tested the theories with a model they developed called StomachSim that simulates how the human stomach works. The results presented by them were published in the scientific journal Physics of Fluids.

“We were very surprised that posture has such a huge effect on a pill’s dissolution rate. I never thought about whether I was doing it right or wrong, but now I will definitely think about it every time I take a pill,” says Rajat Mittal, one of the authors. of the research.

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