“Flamengo is playing…”; Turkish Mohamed ‘blames’ Paulo Sousa and surrenders to Dorival Júnior at Mengão


The former Atlético-MG coach analyzed Flamengo’s performance by comparing coaches Paulo Sousa and Dorival Júnior

"Flamengo is playing...";  Turkish Mohamed 'blames' Paulo Sousa and surrenders to Dorival Júnior
© Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF“Flamengo is playing…”; Turkish Mohamed ‘blames’ Paulo Sousa and surrenders to Dorival Júnior

Flamengo’s next commitment in the Brazilian championship it is in front of palm trees and is scheduled for next Sunday (21), at 4 pm, at Allianz Parque. The Rubro-Negra team is in the vice-leadership of the Brasileirão, nine points behind the leader of the Brasileirão, Palmeiras. During an interview with ESPN from Argentina the former coach of the Atlético-MG, Turkish Mohamed, highlighted the biggest difference between the teams and on the posture presented on the field.

“When he plays with a smaller team, calmly, he scores 7 or 8 goals. It was like that at Conmebol Libertadores. Thing, Flamengo wins by 2 to 0 of a smaller team. They score 7 or 8 goals. They will play against Atlético-MG and give up the ball for 90 minutes. Against River Plate they will also give up the ball. And they play that way. Not Flamengo, Flamengo imposes the conditions, rules the game, and if you want to keep the ball, you will have to fight.”, evaluated.

Turkish also highlighted the evolution of the Rio team with the arrival of Dorival Junior in charge. “Flamengo is playing at a great level, a great level. Coach Dorival Júnior found the form, it’s a 4-3-3, but the three of them play on the inside. Don’t play with spikes. Gabigol and Pedro are centre-forwards, they play for both sides, and Arrascaeta plays free kicks. But the three play inside. Outside are the sides. And the midfielders also go on the outside sometimes”, highlighted.

The technician still presented the biggest differential of Dorival compared to its predecessor, Paulo Sousa. “Now he’s defending well. In the first half, with the Portuguese coach (Paulo Sousa), he defended poorly, was a more spaced team and gave a lot of space between the lines. With Atlético-MG, we beat Flamengo in full transition”.

“Today it’s difficult to compete with Flamengo, but three months ago, it wasn’t. When I was coach of Atlético-MG, I took Flamengo in full transition. First in the Super Cup and then in the Copa do Brasil. After they beat us, they didn’t stop They found a team, a form of play that, for me, is much better than Palmeiras”, concluded.

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