Gilberto Barros is sentenced to prison for the crime of homophobia

Gilberto Barros' two-year sentence was replaced by community service

Gilberto Barros’ two-year sentence was replaced by community service

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Presenter Gilberto Barros was sentenced for a crime of homophobia by the São Paulo Court of Justice (TJ-SP) to two years in prison and a fine, according to journalist Mônica Bergamo, from Folha de São Paulo. In September 2020, in his program “Amigos do Leão” on YouTube, Gilberto Barros said that he “vomits” when he sees two men kissing and that he would attack gays who expressed affection in front of him.

Formulated by journalist and activist William De Lucca, through lawyers Fernanda Nigro and Dimitri Sales, the complaint resulted in the first conviction for homophobia in Brazil, a historic and very important decision for the LGBTQIA+ population.

The penalty was replaced by providing services to the community, while the fine that Gilberto will have to pay will be reversed in basic food baskets that will be donated to institutions that work with the LGBTQIA+ community.

The presenter had already been sentenced at the administrative level by the Secretary of State for Justice and Citizenship of São Paulo to pay a fine of R$ 32 thousand reais. The conviction in the TJ-SP is still subject to appeal.

LGBTphobia is a crime. Learn how to report 👇

LGBTphobia is a crime, with a penalty of up to 5 years in prison. When witnessing any episode of LGBTphobia, report it. You can do this by phone, calling 190 (in case of flagrant) or 100 at any time; in person or online, opening a police report at any police station or specialized police stations.

Learn more about reporting here.

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