Goalkeeper Bruno can’t handle it and needs to create a crowdfunding to pay pension

Goalkeeper Bruno, suspected of killing model Eliza Samúdio in 2010, is serving a 23-year sentence in an open regime.

Image: Cristiane Mattos / AFP

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Ingrid Calheiros, current wife of goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes, posted a video on social media asking for donations so that her husband can pay a debt of R$90,000 for his son’s alimony with Eliza Samúdio, a former model murdered 12 years ago.

In the video released, Ingrid said that when he was subpoenaed by the court to pay the debt, the goalkeeper tried to make a deal, but he couldn’t. The woman said the subpoena arrived a few days before the request was posted on social media and that they had tried to plan a payment, installment and settlement, but nothing was accepted.

As a result of a personal agreement or a court order, alimony is an amount intended for the child, and must be used to meet the need for food, education, health, leisure, housing and others.

Crowdfunding for goalkeeper Bruno has already raised more than R$ 2 thousand

In the comments of the video posted on Instagram, many people show solidarity and support for the couple. This Tuesday morning (16), the online crowdfunding had already raised more than R$ 2.8 thousand. See the post made on the goalkeeper’s official account below.

Bruno has worked in clubs such as Atlético-MG, Boa Esporte and Flamengo, and today defends Clube Atlético Carioca. The goalkeeper claims not to be able to pay the debt and, in addition to the online crowdfunding, is selling an açaí store he has in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro.

It should be noted that Bruno was arrested in 2010 on suspicion of killing model Eliza Samúdio. Three years after the crime, the goalkeeper was sentenced to 23 years in prison, which is currently served in an open regime.

About alimony

The alimony payment process may involve, when going to court, the presence of a lawyer or public defender. A statement of expenses must be made, allowing the amount paid to be correct.

The Civil Code says that “Relatives, spouses or partners may ask each other for the food they need to live in a way compatible with their social condition, including to meet the needs of their education”.

Basically, alimony can be requested from the ex-spouse or ex-partner, from parents or grandparents, children or grandchildren, and siblings. Uncles, nephews, great-uncles, great-nephews and cousins ​​are not required to pay.

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Image: Cristiane Mattos / AFP

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