Goalkeeper Bruno’s wife creates virtual crowdfunding to help him pay pension debt: “It’s an attempt”


Bruno Fernandes was arrested for not paying alimony to the child he had with Eliza Samúdio, who disappeared in 2010

Bruno Fernandes was accused of killing his ex, Eliza Samúdio, with whom he had a child
© Reproduction / Instagram @oficialbrunogoleiroBruno Fernandes was accused of killing his ex, Eliza Samúdio, with whom he had a child

Goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes was arrested last week after accumulating a debt estimated at R$ 90 thousand due to the delay in the payment of alimony for his son with Eliza Samúdiodisappeared in 2010. To try to solve the situation, the athlete’s current wife decided to open an online crowdfunding.

Beautician Ingrid Calheiros published a video on Sunday (13), explaining that Bruno tried to negotiate an agreement with justice for the installment of the debt, but failed. He has been in debt since January 2020. “Remembering that Bruno is obliged to pay alimony, but he is prevented from working. He was in prison for almost 10 years and no one believes he doesn’t have any more money, no one believes he lost everything to lawyers, no one believes he no longer has any kind of asset, income,” she said.

“So I decided to create an online crowdfunding, maybe it’s an impulse, maybe it’s a mistake, but it’s an attempt. We don’t have that money and I don’t know what to do. I only know that I have a daughter who depends a lot on her father, she is only four years old, Bruno has two more daughters who also need him and I came here to count on you. You who are a fan of Bruno, you who know Bruno, who wants to help in some way, I’ll leave the link so we can try to help you”, he continued. BRL 14,581.55.

Cátia Fonseca criticized the crowdfunding

Cátia Fonseca used her space in Band’s “Best of the Afternoon”, to criticize people who are donating money to goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes, convicted of ordering the murder of his ex, Eliza Samúdio. He was arrested again last week for failing to pay child support for the child he had with his wife.

Showing irritation, the presenter detonated the virtual crowdfunding open to help Bruno. “I feel sorry for this girl [Ingrid, casada com o atleta]. When will she wake up to reality, huh?”, began Cátia, who then stressed that he can’t get new jobs because he was convicted of murdering and hiding Eliza’s corpse, in addition to kidnapping the child he had with her.

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