In ‘Pantanal’, José Lucas leaves Érica at the altar after bombastic revelation

The days of love between Érica (Marcela Fetter) and José Lucas (Irandhir Santos) are numbered in “Pantanal”. The ex-truck driver will discover that the journalist lost the baby she was expecting on the eve of the wedding. Convinced by her mother, Ingrid (Gisela Reimann), the girl decided to withhold the information from her beloved. Unlike her father, Ibraim (Dan Stulbach), who only looks at José Leôncio’s son (Marcos Palmeira) with an interest in political advantages, Érica truly loves him. But she didn’t imagine that her actions could end the relationship for good.

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Érica (Marcela Fetter), José Lucas (Irandhir Santos), Ingrid (Gisela Reimann) and Ibraim (Dan Stulbach)
Érica (Marcela Fetter), José Lucas (Irandhir Santos), Ingrid (Gisela Reimann) and Ibraim (Dan Stulbach) Photo: Globo/ João Miguel Jr.

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“I wanted to tell you, but you and my father were so involved. You seemed so happy that…”, she argues, being interrupted by the pawn, who will be harsh: “What did you think you needed to lie to me?”. “I didn’t want to hide anything from you, but… But I was afraid”, she will justify. “You did well… In telling me the truth, Érica… You did very well”, José Lucas will reply.

Upon learning the whole truth, the farmhand decides to return immediately to his father’s farm. To his father-in-law’s despair, José Leôncio’s firstborn will give up the ceremony already in the church, with all the guests gathered. In the Pantanal, he will be welcomed by his father with open arms.

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