Joaquim discovers he was stolen by Úrsula at birth and rebels against his ‘mother’ in ‘Além da Illusion’ | come around

“It’s not your baby! It’s mine! Don’t let them take him, Leonidas (Eriberto Leão), for everything that is most sacred!”, Heloísa insists, in vain.

Meanwhile, Margô (Marisa Orth) will find the woman who had promised to give Úrsula her child. She will confess that she gave up on giving the baby to the villain and then Margô will realize that it was Úrsula who stole Heloísa’s child. Focused on doing justice, Margô will go to Eugênio’s house and tell him the whole truth.

“The son is Heloísa’s, I’m talking! Another pregnant woman was supposed to give the child to Úrsula as soon as she was born, but she gave up. So I believe that she stole Heloísa’s”, says Margô.

Margô tells everything she knows about Úrsula in ‘Beyond Illusion’ — Photo: Globo

Úrsula will deny the accusations, but Margô will go further: she will say that Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita) was also stolen by the villain as a baby. Shocked, the young man will ask the artist to tell details of the story.

Úrsula will be on the way out in ‘Beyond Illusion’ — Photo: Globo

“I, Úrsula and Carolina, her mother by blood, lived in the same boarding house in São Paulo. Úrsula worked as a waitress and got involved with Fernando, Eugênio’s father. But he was married, he didn’t want to leave his family to be with her. When Carolina had Joaquim and died in childbirth, Úrsula put her hand on the boy and went with him to Capital to say it was Fernando’s”, Margô says.

Joaquim will be shocked by the revelation of his past in ‘Beyond Illusion’ – Photo: Globo

After hearing Margô’s confession, Eugênio goes to the police to report Úrsula. Meanwhile, Joaquim will ask the “mother” for explanations, but will give up on understanding her and return the baby to Heloísa.

“Your suffering is over. It was really Úrsula who stole her son. I brought him back”, says Joaquim.

Joaquim returns Heloísa’s baby in ‘Beyond Illusion’ – Photo: Globo

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17 Aug


Úrsula and Eugênio go to the farm, and Heloísa is forced to give them her baby. Isadora begs Diniz to help Davi. Margô finds out that Úrsula took Heloísa’s son and decides to tell Eugênio and Joaquim what she knows about the villain. Santa forces Constantino and Julinha to ask forgiveness from Inácio and Geraldo. Margô reveals how Úrsula stole Joaquim and tricked Eugênio’s father. Letícia declares herself to Bento. Joaquim faces Úrsula and takes the baby back to Heloísa. Arthur arrives with news about Davi’s lawsuit.

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See the moment when Úrsula and Joaquim burned evidence of the robbery at the weaving mill:

Úrsula and Joaquim burn the evidence against him

Úrsula and Joaquim burn the evidence against him

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Spoiler Alert #38 Matias will return the son stolen by Ursula to Heloísa and Leonidas

Spoiler Alert #38 Matias will return the son stolen by Ursula to Heloísa and Leonidas

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