Lucy Alves opens her heart about sexuality, reveals the truth about the relationship and shoots: “We have to normalize this”

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Lucy Alves was caught kissing with a girl in a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro

Lucy Alves spoke about sexuality in an interview with the newspaper "The globe"
© Reproduction/Instagram/@lucyalvesLucy Alves spoke about sexuality in an interview with the newspaper “O Globo”

Lucy Alves prepares to play the protagonist in the next nine o’clock soap opera. The singer was one of the highlights of the second season of “The Voice Brazil” and since then, he has received good opportunities in the artistic career. However, the girl made the news headlines after being caught kissing with another woman.

In an interview with the newspaperThe globe”, Lucy said that the discomfort was not because of the exposure, but because people found it strange to see her with someone of the same sex. In her speeches, she makes it clear that people need to talk about their sexuality only when they think it’s necessary and that there should be no charge for disclosure.

It’s not that everyone has to talk about their sexuality. Speak if you want! But we have to normalize this, and know that everything is fine. We have to practice love. And you can talk, yes. It’s all right. There’s no turning back, you know?“, he snapped. “I find it annoying that a kiss is still news. There’s that thing like: ‘let’s get the guy out of cabinet‘. Guys, that’s not it! I’m really very reserved. I don’t expose myself, but I don’t hide either. if they question me [sobre relacionamentos e orientação sexual], I speak. For me it’s not an issue“, he reiterated.

I’m like this: getting rid of any ties, saying what I want to say, loving whoever I want, going out with whoever I want. We are seeing more and more women talking about whatever they want. We also drink, go to parties, kiss whoever we want. At women of today are this: more and more free”, finished.

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