Lula strokes evangelicals and talks about Bolsonaro with the devil – 08/16/2022 – Poder

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) said that President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) is trying to manipulate evangelicals and called the current president a “pharisee”, “a fake and genocidal president”.

“He’s a Pharisee and he’s trying to manipulate the good faith of evangelical men and women who go to church to talk about their faith, their spirituality. They keep trying to tell lies all the time. Lies about Lula, about Lula’s wife , about you, about Indians and quilombolas”, he said.

“There will be no lies or fake news that will keep you ruling this country, Bolsonaro,” Lula continued.

The PT also criticized Bolsonaro’s handling of the Covid pandemic, saying that he did not “shed a tear for the victims”. “You were a denialist, you didn’t believe in science, you didn’t believe in medicine. You believed in your lie. If there’s anyone possessed by the devil, it’s this Bolsonaro.”

Such as Sheet showed, the PT is launching an offensive to deny rumors that Lula will close evangelical churches. In the speech, the former president also said that he sanctioned the law that created the Day of the March for Jesus, in 2009, proposed by the bishop and then senator Marcelo Crivella, of the Universal Church.

Lula kicked off his presidential campaign on a visit to the Volkswagen factory in São Bernardo do Campo, this Tuesday (16th), the day on which, by law, the electoral process officially begins.

The place chosen has strong symbolism, due to the fact that the trajectories of the PT and Lula are linked to the city of São Paulo’s ABC region. “It was here that everything happened in my life. It was here that I learned to be people, that I acquired political awareness and it was because of you that I was a good president of the Republic”, he said.

The PT member also reiterated that the aid granted by the Bolsonaro government has an electoral nature.

“He is thinking that the people are very stupid and that they can deceive the people. I was in favor of voting for the aid, I asked the PT bench to vote. And if you know someone who is in need and money falls into their account, send them to get it. and eat, because if you don’t catch Bolsonaro, he will,” he said.

The former president also said that the first measure he will take in an eventual government will be to readjust the income tax table and that he had already been a candidate for some time, but before that he could not talk about the campaign or ask for a vote.

“It was only today at midnight that I was able to wake up and say to Janjinha: ‘Janjinha, vote for me’. Until yesterday I couldn’t. I had to wake up and ask for my first vote just today.”

The former president even got emotional at the end of his speech when talking about hunger and misery. “You can rest assured that you won’t see any more children begging or a companion sleeping in the gutter. It’s not because of lack of money, it’s because of lack of shame on the faces of those who govern. They don’t know what hunger is.”

Lula was accompanied by the PT president, federal deputy Gleisi Hoffmann (PR), former mayor Fernando Haddad (PT), the party’s candidate for the government of São Paulo, and former governor Márcio França (PSB), who will contest Senate by the ticket headed by Haddad.

Former governor Geraldo Alckmin (PSB), vice president on Lula’s ticket, and sociologist Rosângela da Silva, Janja, PT’s wife, were not at the event. Earlier, she participated in an act with Haddad in São Paulo.

In his speech, Gleisi said that Bolsonaro “plays low”. “As he has no project for the country, he lies blatantly and campaigns low. We need to be the task force for the truth, deny what these people are saying, frightening the population, using people’s religion and faith to make politics.”

A visit to another factory, which was scheduled to take place on Tuesday morning, was canceled on Monday (15) for safety reasons. Teams that protect Lula mentioned the reason to the organizers of the visit. The PT would go to the MWM metallurgical plant, in the Jurubatuba neighborhood, at 7 am.

Concern for the former president’s safety has been constant since the beginning of the pre-campaign.

The PT will also participate in the inauguration ceremony of Minister Alexandre de Moraes in charge of the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) on Tuesday night, in Brasília. Lula and President Bolsonaro are expected to meet for the first time since they confirmed their intention to compete for the Planalto Palace.

In the first video released on the networks after the beginning of the electoral campaign, Lula says he wants to return to the presidency to “change the lives of the people again”, because “the way it is, nobody can take it anymore”, and cites themes that will be central to the campaign. : the fight against hunger, inflation and the appreciation of the minimum wage.

“I ask God to enlighten this journey”, he says. The PT candidate also claims that the first step is to win the elections and that he has traveled throughout Brazil “taking a message of hope and faith to our people”.

“But Brazil is immense, so I’m counting on you as I always have. Where my legs can’t carry me, I’ll walk through yours. Where my voice can’t reach, I’ll speak through your voices.”

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