Marcelinho Carioca sends a message to Corinthians players before deciding in the Copa do Brasil

After an elimination in Libertadores and a defeat in a Derby, Corinthians returns to the field this Wednesday in search of a spot in the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil. Timão needs to reverse an adverse score in Itaquera and, more than ever, the idol Marcelinho Carioca highlighted that it is time for players to “call responsibility” to wear the club’s shirt.

In an interview with ESPN Brazil, the club’s former number 7 shirt pulled the ear of Timão players. Marcelinho said that some athletes lack the responsibility of wearing the Corinthians shirt and making it a “second skin”.

The player who plays in the greatness of Corinthians, in the weight that the Corinthians shirt has, if the guy doesn’t call responsibility, if he doesn’t understand that it’s the second skin, he won’t be able to develop, walk, go to the theater, the cinema, the restaurant. You have to put it in his head that he has to make history, that he has to put his name in the history of the institution. Good is full, different are few. I arrived in São Paulo that way. I chose to be a football professional like that. But it’s up to each one. The junk is blurry. It’s not about playing more or less, it’s about splitting headfirst, it’s far beyond,” said Marcelinho.

I think the group has that thought, but they have to show it to the crowd. He went to face Flamengo with 80 thousand and managed to beat him head on. Why didn’t you do it in the Arena? Face equally. Tell the coach: ‘Don’t put it on the boom, let’s go forward’. Players must have a voice, talk to each other. If you accept everything, you start to be a supporting player. If he doesn’t have a personality in life, he accepts everything,” added the former player.

Marcelinho Carioca also highlighted the importance of all players showing representation to the fans who accompany the club. The former athlete reinforced that, for a Corinthians player, the technical part does not need to be a perfection if, on the field, there is race.

“The representativeness of the athlete depends on the personality of each one. There are some who like to expose themselves, to wear this, but there are others who are more restrained and you have to respect them. It is up to the board to choose the athlete who has this profile. Do I go to the more technical part? No? So I go with the guy who has a little inferior technique, but he’s a tough guy, who’s shooting, punching and bombing, I’m not inciting violence, he’s a guy who splits his head, who’s going to jump off the building without a parachute. This is how the profile of the guy who will play for Corinthians is. The guy who is ‘don’t touch me, don’t go’, is a steamroller. The fan sees this and says: this team represents me. That’s how I saw winning groups and I was a winner in groups like this”, concluded Marcelinho.

Corinthians and Atlético-GO face each other this Wednesday, at 21:30, at Neo Química Arena. Timão needs to reverse a 2-0 scoreline they suffered in the first leg to advance to the semifinals. If they score two goals, the team takes the dispute to penalties. A victory by three or more goals, makes Corinthians advance directly.

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