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‘Pantanal’ enters the final stretch in the coming weeks

Guta faces secrecy in the next episodes of 'Pantanal'
© Reproduction / TV GloboGuta faces secrecy in the next episodes of ‘Pantanal’

Guta (Julia Dalavia) became one of the characters that divides opinions in the soap opera “wetland” and the complexity is due to the strong personality of Tenório’s daughter (Murilo Benício). Over the course of the episodes, the young woman developed a relationship with Thaddeus (Jose Loreto)but the heart burned stronger for Marcelo (Lucas Leto).

It turns out that the girl has been bothered by a secret for a few chapters. This Tuesday (16), the columnist André Romanofrom the TV Observatory, found that gutta got pregnant from Marcelo and the young woman doesn’t know how to handle the situation. It is worth mentioning that the two are not brothers.

“What do you have, Guta? I’ve never seen you like this”, says Zuleica (Aline Borges). “I… I’m pregnant, zuleica. I’m expecting a son from Marcelo! It wasn’t in my plans to have a child, who will say that to my father?!”, the daughter of bruaca (Isabel Teixeira). It is important to remember that the nine o’clock soap opera is getting ready to enter the final stretch.

Viewers are also excited to discover the conclusion of the arc of Maria Bruaca, who sought help and protection at José Leôncio’s house. “He steals my neighbor’s wife, you bring her right here… And you ask me to help?”, says Zé to Filó.

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