Players who paid BRL 0.30 for FIFA 23 on the Epic Games Store will be able to keep the game

EA Sports Mistake Allowed You To Buy The Game For A Small Fraction Of Its Official Price

The last chapter of the partnership between FIFA and EA Sports, FIFA 23 came to be briefly sold on the Epic Games Store for $0.06, a value quite far from its conventional R$ 299. While the bug that caused this was quickly resolved, this did not stop some buyers from taking advantage of the “promotion” to purchase copies of the game for your collections.

According to reports from PCGamesN, EA Sports has contacted the buyers and assured that they will be able to keep their copies of the game without having to pay anything extra for it. In an alleged e-mail sent by the company, she acknowledged that he scored an “own goal” and took responsibility for the situation.

A few weeks ago we scored a rather spectacular own goal when we offered FIFA 23 pre-purchase at Epic Games for an incorrect price”, wrote the developer. “This was our mistake, and we want you to know that we will honor all pre-orders made for this amount.”.

FIFA 23 costs up to BRL 498.90 in Brazil

The problem on the Epic Games Store happens at a time when EA Sports has already started pre-sales for FIFA 23 for amounts that reach up to BRL 489.90 in Brazil. This happens in versions Ultimate Edition for Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox one and Xbox Series X|Swith recent generation consoles having the most expensive base versions available.

in them, the basic version costs R$ 339price falling to R$ 299 in the PC versions, Playstation 4 and Xbox one. On computers, the Ultimate version is also available for a more affordable price of R$379, which yields early access, bonus points for Ultimate Team mode and additional player itemsamong other advantages.

FIFA 23 promises to be the most complete experience in the series, bringing the new HyperMotion2 animation system, more women’s teams and a complete World Cup experience. The game is scheduled to hit stores on September 30th of this yearbringing the promise of revealing more news in the coming weeks.


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Source: PCGamesN, Reddit

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