Scotland becomes first country in the world to give away free sanitary pads | World

With the entry into force of a new legislation, from this Monday (15), Scotland will become the first country to protect the right to free access to sanitary napkins and the like.

Parliament in Edinburgh introduced the change by unanimously passing, in November 2020, the Menstrual Products (Free Supply) Act (Scotland), which declares free access to sanitary items in government offices and schools as a legal right. At the time, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon lauded the “pioneering legislation”, emphasizing its importance for women and teenagers.

Spain could become the first European country to approve menstrual leave

Spain could become the first European country to approve menstrual leave

This Sunday, Social Justice Secretary Shona Robison drew attention to the fact that at the present time citizens are being forced to make “difficult choices due to the cost of living crisis”: “Providing free access to menstrual products is critical to equality and dignity, and removes the financial barriers to accessing them.”

Under the new law, local authorities and educational agents are obliged to make sanitary items available free of charge to anyone who needs them. In addition, the government sponsors an educational website for employers, increased school funding for menstrual health, and implemented a successful campaign to combat menstrual stigma.

The PickupMyPeriod app, launched by the Hey Girls social initiative with support from the Scottish government, also provides immediate information about the nearest sanitary items distribution points. “I am grateful to all the young women and girls who were instrumental in developing the products to meet their needs,” commented Shona Robison.

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