They banded together to attack Abel Ferreira

It seemed that the annoyance of some Brazilian coaches with coach Abel Ferreira, from Palmeiras, had come to an end – or, at least, was in the past. But, it was only the Portuguese ‘poke’ Cuca after the alviverde classification in the Copa Libertadores, for the attacks to come back with everything. during the program Red Card #24broadcast this Tuesday (16) by UOL Esporte, Walter Casagrande Jr. took the opportunity to say what he thinks about it.

“Cuca went to vent about the game against Palmeiras, after the game against Coritiba. The game was 0 to 0, if it draws or loses he would keep quiet. Cuca was waiting to win a game so he could talk about Palmeiras’ game, Abel Ferreira. In the game between Palmeiras and Atlético-MG, he and his team were incompetent, they couldn’t score a goal against a team with 9. It’s very difficult to assume that you were incompetent one day? What’s the problem?”, Casão began. .

Which, for the commentator, was not the worst part. “Then, Mano Menezes arrives, after a victory, wanting to talk about Cuca and Abel. And Jorginho, from Atlético-GO… man, everyone does their own thing. They’re uniting against a coach who, Are you a foreigner?

Finally, Casão also criticized the three Brazilian coaches who were annoyed with the Palmeirense coach: “What are they talking about? Midweek, he was eliminated by Melgar [na disputa por pênaltis, na Copa Sul-Americana] and said nothing about Abel. Then he wins very well from Fluminense, and comes to talk about the other guy. It’s absurd.”

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