Two new cases of monkeypox are confirmed in Blumenau

On Saturday, 13, the Directorate of Epidemiological Surveillance (DIVE) of Santa Catarina confirmed two more positive cases of the disease in Blumenau. They are two 30-year-old men, residents of the city. Both are considered stable and remain in home isolation. So far, five cases of the disease have been recorded in Blumenau.

Blumenau City Hall, through the Health Promotion Department (Semus) and the city’s Epidemiological Surveillance Service, has alerted health professionals working in health units about the new smallpox.

According to DIVE’s Alert Note nº 13, the transmission of the disease can occur through direct or indirect contact with blood, body fluids, skin lesions or even intimate sexual contact.


The main symptoms are fever and a rash, but people can also experience chills and lymphadenopathy – swelling in small glands, especially in areas near the neck. The disease does not, in most cases, have serious consequences. However, the best way is clarification and prevention.


Monkeypox is a zoonosis caused by the monkeypox virus, of the genus Orthopoxvirus, belonging to the family Poxviridae. To this family also belong the smallpox virus and the Vaccinia virus, from which the smallpox vaccine was developed. Despite the name given by health authorities and different from what many people think, the disease is not transmitted by monkeys.


  • Direct contact with skin rash, sores or crusts from lesions;
  • Contact with objects, fabrics (clothes, bedding, or towels) and surfaces that have been used by someone with the infection;
  • Through respiratory droplets or oral fluids from an infected person.
  • Oral, anal and vaginal sex or touching the genitals or anus of a person infected with Monkeypox;
  • Hugging, massaging, kissing or talking close to the infected person;
  • Touching tissues and objects during sex that have been used by an infected person,
  • such as bedding, towels and sex toys.

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