4 states where electricity bills are cheaper

According to information from the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), the drop in electricity bill can already be felt in 4 Brazilian states. The change in the value is part of Complementary Law 194/2022, which delimits the collection of the ICMS by up to 18% on various segments, such as fuels, natural gas, electricity, communications and public transport.

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Until then, the amounts charged by the tax rates on invoices ranged from 25% to 30%. The energy distributors in the states that announced the discount on the electricity bill were: EDP Espírito Santo, Cemig in Minas Gerais, RGE in Rio Grande do Sul, EDP São Paulo and CPFL Paulista, Piratininga and Santa Cruz.

Electricity bill drop

According to the MME, residential and commercial consumers showed significant reductions in electricity bills.

“A commercial consumer, with consumption slightly less than 29,000 kWh per month, paid around R$ 24 thousand. With the changes in the ICMS incidence rules, this consumer saw his bill reduced to R$ 20 thousand, a reduction of around 17%”, showed the folder.

Another example given by the MME talks about changes in the value of the bill for those who had an average consumption of 3,500 kWh. The amount paid was around R$3,000, however, with the change, it dropped to R$2,100, a 15% drop.

The same effect also applies to small consumers, which are those who consume less electricity. “For a consumption of 200 kWh per month, the amount charged by ICMS would be approximately R$ 42”, completed the ministry.

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