After an internet user asks him to be “less gay”, Carmo Dalla Vecchia activates ‘sincere mode’ and discusses with a follower


The actor was outraged by the request and lashed out with netizens

Photos: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Carmo Dalla Vecchia
Photos: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Carmo Dalla Vecchia

This Wednesday (17th), Carmo Dalla Vecchia exposed, on his official Instagram profile, some messages he received. A follower asked the actor show less of their sexuality. The artist is openly homosexual and is married to the author João Emanuel Carneirofor more than 10 years.

In the message, the follower asked him not to talk so much about being homosexual. “I don’t think you need to say so much that you’re gay, think about your mother, who is from another time. I just think. Think about her“, she said. The actor didn’t let it go and replied: “Unfortunately you not only think, but manifested a homophobic thought. Maybe even without being aware of it on your part.”

“My mother is much calmer than you. We are homophobic even unconsciously, after all we are raised that way. What would you think if I told you to be less feminine, because men think that’s vulgar? What would you say to me?”continued Carmo Dalla Vecchiaoutraged.

The girl answered the actor and said she understood the situation. “I’m not. I have a beautiful daughter who is married to a woman. It was just an opinion, because without good as it is,” she said. “I, who I am, took more than 10 years to recognize and understand. Since I’m gay. And you, who are not so sure at first? Opinion is whether I like blue or green. Show your daughter our conversation and she explains it better”finished.

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