Android may have 64-bit architecture as of 2023; Pixel Tablet should be the first to use

O Google would be working to move the android for a 64-bit based architecture. Currently, the mobile operating system runs on 32 bits, a standard considered old and outdated for being slower in data processing.

According to information from the Ars Technica website, Google’s plan is to release a compilation of 64-bit based Android for the Pixel Tablet, that must be released with Tensor chipset in 2023. The device would be the first to receive the change.

The main difference between 32 and 64 bits is in the power to process a larger amount of data. 32-bit processors are often slower and less secure. Already 64-bit chips are newer, faster and have better security.

iOS, Android’s main competitor, is 64-bit based since 2017. However, as Google’s system is open with several mobile device manufacturers, porting to 64-bit can go a long way.

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The Google Play Store app ecosystem should be more advanced in 64-bit support, given that Google exsuggested that native-code apps (generally games) need to provide 64-bit versions since 2019.

As for the hardware, every SoC released in recent years must support 64-bit. Any main chip following the recommended ARM design supports 32-bit processing on three of the eight cores, with the other five being 64-bit only.

ARM wants to completely eliminate 32-bit support from its SoC design in 2023, but there are already rumors that Qualcomm doesn’t want to follow this recommended standard because of China, which has a ecosystem of own apps in 32 bits.

Finally, the information suggests that 64-bit only support may be a standard feature as of Android 14 2023then the Pixel Tablet must be a broader evaluation to verify the stability of the software with this architecture.

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