At a fashion event, Bruna Marquezine is compared to Gisele Bündchen – 08/17/2022

“They both have professionalism, but above all, passion”, said Giovanni Bianco, Brazilian artistic director who has already created campaigns and projects for international brands such as Dolce&Gabbana and Missoni, Madonna album covers, Anitta clips and, of course, has worked with the two. Bianco let loose at an event to launch the spring and summer collections of the 18 brands of the Arezzo&Co group, at Fundação Bienal, in São Paulo, this morning. He signs the new Brizza line campaign that has Bruna as the star – alongside Anitta, who was not present, but recorded a video shown on the big screen.

In a conversation with the brand’s CEO, Alexandre Birmann, the executive director, Luciana Wodzik and Bianco, Bruna recalled her career. “It wasn’t luck.” With an all-pink look, Barbiecore style, sandals with platform heels and earrings with the letter B and pumps pendant, she entered the stage parading. “That’s what I did when I was four, when I invaded the graduation stage of my cousin’s catwalk course. I told my mother I wanted to do that.”

She took the course and won a scholarship at a children’s talent agency. To audition for commercials, her mother would recite the texts to her until the girl, who couldn’t read, memorized them. “It was two years of many no’s”. The first yes was for a campaign for the military police of São Paulo, about suicide prevention among officers. “I was a stand-by. The chosen boy started to stutter, so I came in to replace him. The director of this commercial called my parents and recommended that they invest in my career. He was one of my godparents.”

Bruna Marquezine and Alexandre Birmann at an event by the Arezzo&Co brand - Agência Fotosite/ Publicity - Agência Fotosite/ Publicity

Bruna Marquezine and Alexandre Birmann at the Arezzo&Co brand event

Image: Fotosite Agency/ Publicity

The other godmother was director Cininha de Paula, with whom she took an acting course. She invited Bruna to participate in the cast of the extinct program Gente Inocente, on Rede Globo. “I was almost six years old.” And then I was called to live in Salete, by Mulheres Apaixonadas.

Hence Bruna conquered multiple roles, on TV, cinema, streaming, with Maldives and now in Hollywood. But in the last six years the actress has also created a strong brand in the exclusive world of fashion, driven by businesswoman Juliana Montesanti. “At first, I didn’t care. Actresses are always expected to wear the clothes of the moment, the stylist of the moment. I thought it was super boring, it was an obligation, an extra commitment. But I realized that with fashion I could express myself without use words, show a little bit of who I am. And, as an actress, what interested me is that each time I could show a different version of myself.”

Arezzo Parade, with Silvia Braz, Fernanda Lima and Isabelli Fontana - Fotosite/Promotion Agency -Fotosite/Promotion Agency

Silvia Braz, Fernanda Lima and Isabelli Fontana in Arezzo fashion show

Image: Fotosite Agency/Disclosure

After the opening, Bruna watched the Brizza fashion show, for which she is the poster girl. The all-day event celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Arezzo brand and is the first to bring together all of the group’s brands. Arezzo&Co showed strength by bringing together stars of different caliber on the catwalk – presenter Fernanda Lima, top Isabelli Fontana, influencer Silvia Braz.

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