Brazilian giant is inspired by Cruzeiro and wants to become SAF

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Raposa was bought by former player Ronaldo Nazário in December 2021 and is one of the Brazilian clubs that became SAF (Sociedade Anônima do Futebol).

Ronaldo Nazário, owner of SAF do Cruzeiro (Photo: Getty Images)
Ronaldo Nazário, owner of SAF do Cruzeiro (Photo: Getty Images)

Inspired by the model adopted by rival Cruzeiro, the Atlético-MG plans to become SAF (Sociedade Anônima do Futebol) at the end of 2022. Galo’s current board of directors is quite inclined to make this decision, stipulating a purchase price: R$ 1 billion for 50% of the club’s football shares. The interested name, however, should not be someone internally.

According to journalist Thiago Fernandes, from the website, the four “patrons” of Atlético-MG should not appear as candidates to own the SAF do Galo. The investors who put money into the club are: Rafael Menin, Renato Salvador, Ricardo Guimarães and Rubens Menin.

Cruzeiro, arch-rivals of Atlético-MG, sold 90% of SAF to Ronaldo Nazário, and kept 10% with the club itself. A similar deal was made in Botafogo, whose SAF was 90% purchased by the American John Textor. At Vasco, 777 Partners bought 70% of the club’s football.

Galo will open the new stadium in 2023

Atlético-MG will play their games at Mineirão only until the end of this year, because in 2023, the club will inaugurate the MRV Arena, in a project carried out by one of the businesses of businessman Rubens Menin. As a result, Mineirão will be used more frequently only by Cruzeiro.

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