British man spends more than R$ 824,000 to travel the world and take pictures at celebrity graves

Briton Mark Dabbs has visited around 700 cemeteries in different countries to take pictures of celebrity graves. For this, he spent more than R$ 824 thousand to “enjoy” his somewhat unusual hobby. The information is from O Globo.

“In the UK I have probably visited hundreds of famous graves, I have visited all the graves of our prime ministers except the three that had no graves. […] I am very interested in history and world affairs and would like to go back to Moscow to take pictures with Stalin, as I did with Churchill and Roosevelt.”

Mark released the 1,857 records on his Flickr account (platform for sharing photos), which has only three followers.

However, not everything was easy during his travels. In an interview with The Daily Star, Mark recalled the plight he went through when he went to visit the grave of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States.

“I found a metal ladder nearby, they were doing some work, and I went up to take the picture, but then the ladder fell. I thought I would be stuck there for hours. I managed to secure the bottom step with my tripod and pull it out”, he concluded.

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