By horse, father takes son who choked on a marble to Aparecida – Gerais

Vitor is five years old and rode for five days between Silvian
Vitor is five years old and rode for five days between Silvianpolis (MG) and Aparecida (SP) (photo: Personal archive)

Antnio Souza and his five-year-old son, Vitor Souza, rode on a pilgrimage from Silvianpolis, in the south of Minas, to Aparecida (SP). Vitor choked on a marble on August 5th. The father says that he was saved after a request from an aunt Nossa Senhora Aparecida. They returned home this Tuesday (16/8).

fright during play

Vitor was playing with a cousin when he hid the marble in his mouth. He gasped and the grandmother and aunt tried to help, to no avail. Another child’s aunt came home from work when she saw Vitor fainting and grabbed him upside down, punched him in the back. He didn’t drop the ball. The aunt shouted for Our Lady, while she was helping him, when he choked.

Pilgrimage with the child

To thank him for his son’s life, he gathered a group of 14 friends and went on a pilgrimage. The cavalcade left around 4 am on Thursday (11/8), from Silvianpolis. When they arrived at São Sebastio da Bela Vista, they crossed the Sapuca River by ferry to follow rural roads to Santa Rita do Sapuca.

So Jos do Alegre was the chosen rest point on Friday (12/8). Pilgrims and horses took a break to regain energy, eat and then head towards the “National Capital of Faith”.

A support path took some horses that alternated between the work of carrying the pilgrims. The ride lasted an average of eight hours a day. The routes started again at dawn and ended around 12:00, when the pilgrims chose a city to rest and give the horses a rest.

Itajub and Delfim Moreira were the last municipalities through which the group passed on the cavalcade in the south of Minas. In the state of So Paulo, they traveled routes that passed through Piquete, Lorena and Guaratinguet.

Promise fulfilled with joy

Vitor took this route for the first time and followed the path smiling. From the ferry in Bela Vista to reaching the National Sanctuary of Aparecida, he always kept his smile and left the example of a child full of faith.

The arrival in Aparecida was around 12 pm on Monday (15/8), recorded with a photo of the father and son mounted on the horses that were the pilgrimage companions. The chosen setting was the Basilica of Aparecida. Everyone arrived, with no one giving up on the way.

The marble that caused the choking was at the feet of the image of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, in the Sala dos Milagres. Antnio calculates that the group rode about 350 km.

(Nayara Andery/ Special for EM.)

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