Caixa Tem: See how to apply for the card without annual fee

The Caixa Tem credit card continues to be released to customers of the application. The tool is free of annual fee and all functions are available on the digital platform itself.

O box has is a tool of Savings Bank initially created to make the transfers of the benefit of the Emergency Aid in 2020. However, the platform currently offers several other banking services, such as a digital wallet.

Caixa Tem Credit Card

Application customers can request the credit card in a 100% digital way, through the application itself. box has. The product can be used for cash and installment purchases.

Check out some advantages of the Caixa Tem credit card:

  • It has no annual fee;
  • Minimum limit available to make purchases in cash or in installments;
  • Free additional card;
  • Virtual card for transactions via the internet;
  • Use in Brazil and abroad;
  • Shopping in virtual and physical stores.

In addition, for security purposes, with each purchase made, a new code is generated in the app.

How to apply for a Caixa Tem credit card?

To apply for a credit card, the interested party must access the application and follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Caixa Tem app on your cell phone;
  2. Sign in with your username and password;
  3. Update your registration data;
  4. Select the option “Cashier Card”;
  5. Check out the other instructions of the application;
  6. Choose the limit from the options available for your profile;
  7. Set the best day for your invoice to expire;
  8. Accept the contract terms to complete the transaction.

It is worth mentioning that invoices can be paid in the application itself, in ATMs, in the general banking network or in Lottery Houses. For more information, just access Caixa Tem or other service channels of the Cashier.

See how to apply for Caixa Tem microcredit

The new microcredit Federal Savings Bank has been a great opportunity for individuals who wish to undertake and for Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEIs) to invest in their businesses. The loan is being released through the box has.

However, to access the service it is necessary to update the application and registration. Both procedures can be performed free of charge over the internet. See more details below.

See the step by step on how to update the registration in Caixa Tem

Step 1 – Log in

Open the Caixa Tem app and log in with your CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration) number and password or biometrics.

Step 2 – Tap on the “update your registration” button

From the home menu, tap on the “Update your registration” option. If you have the identification document in hand, click on “Got it, let’s get started”, on the next screen.

Step 3 – Confirm your address

The system will show the registered address on the first access to the application, if it is the same, click on “Yes, it is correct”. Otherwise, tap “My address has changed”. Once this is done, enter your new location and nationality and click on “Next”.

Step 4 – Fill in your income information

To start filling out the form, click on “Got it, let’s go”. Then, inform your source of income, the amount, and how long you have had this monthly income. Also, inform your profession and wealth. Click “Next”.

Step 5 – Confirm your filled data

Please check all information carefully to make sure that all information is correct. Then click on “Confirm”.

Step 6 – Validate your registration and issue an identification document

Tap “Continue”, choose which document will be sent by the application and wait for the instructions on how to send it. After completing this procedure, the digital platform will unlock access to account resources within 48 hours.

How to hire Caixa microcredit?

for individuals

  1. Select “Contract Caixa TEM Credit”;
  2. Answer the quiz;
  3. Choose the credit amount;
  4. Choose the best date for payment of installments;
  5. Choose the number of installments;
  6. Enter the Caixa Tem password and that’s it;
  7. It will be necessary to wait a few days for the evaluation of the Box.

For legal entities (MEIs)

In practice, the applicant will have to go in person to a Caixa branch and present proof of residence and the company’s personal documents, as follows:

  • Certificate of Individual Microentrepreneur Status (CCMEI);
  • DASN SIMEI of the last closed fiscal year;
  • Delivery receipt (proof of billing, regulated together with the Annual Declaration until May 31 of each year).

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